How About Some Raspberry Chilli Hot Chocolate This Propose Day
Image Credit: Raspberry Chilli Hot Chocolate

It’s propose day today and why not do it in a little extra sweet way. Let's preface this by saying that we relish chocolates all year long guilt-free, however Valentine's Day makes for a special occasion to give as well as enjoy chocolates with your loved ones. This Valentine's day celebrate the love with Colocal as they prepare to make it extra sweet for you with their limited offer items i.e. Strawberry Inclusion Bar, Heart shaped bon bons, Chocolate coated strawberries and Raspberry Chilli Hot Chocolate. 

Colocal in no-time has become synonymous with artisanal chocolate in Delhi NCR with its 2 outlets and a strong online presence through which they serve their patrons across India. The brand aims to introduce everyone to the world of ‘Craft Chocolate’ and hence make all the chocolate in their in-house chocolate factory located in their flagship store in Dhanmill Compound. The live bean-to-bar chocolate factory churns out high-quality craft chocolate after a 12-step long process. To differentiate themselves and make their chocolates even more palatable, the brand not only prepares them in small batches but also uses additional steps like 'Roasting' and 'Conching' to give the chocolate an out-of-the-ordinary feel. 

Colocal is not only your perfect gifting partner but also an exquisite destination for a romantic date this Valentine's week where you can experience the process of chocolate making from start to end and savour the final product in heavenly forms.

We have got the special recipe of this amazing hot chocolate mug the Raspberry Chilli Hot Chocolate by Sheetal Saxena, a Master chocolatier and Founder, Colocal.


Natural raspberry syrup - 30ml

Green chilli - 1 pc

Dark chocolate - 60gm

Double fat milk - 130ml


1. Soak the green chili in milk for 12 hours.

2. Take a double boiler, melt the chocolate and then pour the chili fermented milk into and mix it well for thick consistency.  

3. Now add raspberry syrup and mix again. Serve.