How About Some Mango & Almond Salad Curated By Chef Ilandhirai
Image Credit: Mango & Almond Salad/ Pic-Radisson Blu Mumbai international airport

Mangoes are a king for a reason. There’s hardly anyone who can stay away from some nice juicy mangoes. This high in nutrition and a fruit that sees a much unique flavour, fragrance and taste, mango pulps are extremely scrumptious to eat. Unlike the myth that this fruit this fruit is extremely rich in potassium and magnesium and is also great for remedy for high blood pressure. Powerhouses of vitamins, rich in B-vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K, having mangoes in moderation also helps you have a good skin. Having packed with are packed with antioxidants, this fruit also helps to prevent heart diseases, premature ageing and cancer. This “king of fruits” That can also be considered a “superfruit”, this fruit is much versatile as one can make everything from curries, jams, chutneys, to slaw to salsa, salad to smoothies, Aamras, Mango Sabudana Kheer or Palak Aamras Chaat. and much more. 

Thankfully India is blessed with ample variety  of this fruit be it the totapuri (mostly greenish in colour and is in the shape of parrot beak hence the name tota), Sindhura (Sindura is also called 'Honey Mango') alphanso, himsagar (This most respected mango from Bengal this one sees a very short shelf life and also shortest season spa), langda, and so many more. The most interesting part about the mango tree is that it believes in self-care and hence they do fruit bearing only in alternate years. During ‘on’ years, they give fantastic yields, bearing thousands of fruit. The very next year it takes as an ‘off’ year where they give themselves rest and invest in growing shoots and leaves. So the fruit yield will be low.

Chef Ilandhirai Vadivel, Executive Chef Executive Chef, Radisson Blu Mumbai International airport who has shared Mango & Almond salad recipes says "Nothing defines summers. better than mango - so I definitely couldn't think of a summer special without the king of fruits. The mango almond salad at Radisson Blu, Mumbai International Airport is packed with the richness of Vitamin C and protein and fiber from almonds. This mango quick-fix is a perfect amalgamation of health and flavors. Our refreshing offering can be consumed in morning breakfast or in the evening snacks at home. This recipe is a sure-shot hit amongst both - kids and adults"

Mango & Almond Salad/ Pic-Radisson Blu Mumbai international airport


Here's a salad recipe from the chef 

Mango & Almond salad                     


    Alphonso Mango (peeled & Seeded )         100 Grams             

    Overnight Soaked Almond                     30 Grams            

    Tamarind Chutney                                     2 table spoon        

    Fresh Mint leaves chopped                           10 Grams                                                   

    Black Salt                                                   To taste    

    Roasted Jeera Powder                                    To taste         



Cut The Mango in to Medium Size cubes                         

Add Peeled Almonds                        

Mix the Chutney, Fresh Mint Leaves, Jeera powder and pinch of Black salt

Serve this in nice Bowl or a Glass and garnish with bud of Mint.