How About Some Lip Smacking Non-Veg Parathas For Dinner?
Image Credit: Chicken paratha/ Instagram- zas_vlogger

Nothing tastes better than paratha with a large dollop of butter. One of the best things about this traditional Indian bread is that it may be eaten at any time of day, whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When consumed with curry, pickle, or curd, the combination is delectable and lip-smacking. They are famous in northern India and go well with anything and everything like salted Lassi, several forms of Raita, and Punjabi sabzi. The paranthas can be prepared in a variety of ways. You can choose any method that is most convenient for you in terms of time and utensils. The basic ingredients in paratha remain wheat flour, but the filling changes with the inclusion of various other ingredients. Parathas can be sweet or salty. The stuffing of the parathas depends on what you crave and what is available. When it comes to parathas, we can only think about aloo parantha, pyaaz paratha, paneer paratha or any other vegetarian version of paratha. We often think about the vegetarian parathas but this dish is so versatile that it can be made into scrumptious non-vegetarian versions as well.

Here are some non-veg parathas that you can relish for your dinner-

Chicken keema Paratha

One of the most popular chicken dishes is chicken keema. Have you tried it in a paratha, though? This deadly combination of chicken keema-packed paratha will put you in a food coma. Many people choose this paratha because of its crisp outside and delectable interior. To round out the meal, serve with dahi ka raita, achar, or chutney. Trust me,  the new flavour and essence will have you drooling for more.

Chicken keema paratha/ Instagram-sssfoodcollections


Mughlai Paratha

The Mughlai Paratha is the king of non-vegetarian parathas. The eggs are the only players in this game. Mughlai parantha is a popular Bengali street food that can be found all over the country, from West Bengal to Bangladesh. Spices and egg stuffing are added to the wheat dough to make it. This paratha goes well with any dry sabzi, pickle, or curd.

Chicken tikka paratha/ Instagram- worldofparathas