Here’s Some Tips To Set The Perfect Dinner Table
Image Credit: Unsplash

Whether it is a formal luncheon or an intimate gathering of friends and family, setting up a dinner table says a lot about the thoughtfulness of the host. Of course, food has a major role to play in making a meal memorable, but what strikes people right off the go is how beautiful the table has been set up – a space where they engage in the social activity of dining and conversations. Depending on the kind of occasion you plan on hosting, the table must reflect similar sensibilities of what the menu is like. To break this down further, identifying what kind of a dinner party you plan on throwing, there are some effective and inexpensive ways to decorate your table, even if it is a meal that will be shared by two-three people.

Sit-Down Dinner

If you’re a strong believer in the concept of having large bowls of food scattered around the table for people to help themselves to, ensuring that the tablescape prioritises space in a way where there is enough space for the food, plates and for guests to rest their arms momentarily on the table, having small décor pieces or elements work best. Use old dupattas to make dinner napkins, which can be folded into fun shapes and placed on the plate before the guest settles in. Placing candles or laying down small flowers in old glass jars make the table look cute without having it feel cramped or overcrowded. Using strings of tiny fairy lights to decorate the hem of the table or wrapped around the back of chairs allows for lighting to not be very invasive and bright enough for everybody to see each other and the food clearly.

Multi-Course Dinner

For a dinner party that involves pre-plated courses being brought out to your table of guests, using big flower or leaf arrangements is a great way to make your table come to life. Buying strings of marigold leaves or using threaded jasmine garlands add freshness and fragrance. Break up the uniformity with large candelabras or dramatically big candles to amplify the aesthetic value of your table setting. Using old cake stands for flower arrangements also work as a cost-effective replacement for having to buy vases. For a multi-course meal such as this, using bold colours in jewel tones like emerald or maroon make the plates of food pop against a moody setting. You could also add a touch of tropical by strategically placing fruits or edible leaves in large bunches as one key centrepiece for added drama. For gatherings that are ultra-formal, using cutlery that are copper or a dull gold colour enhance the richness of your table setting.