Honey Jelly Is The Latest Trend To Take Over Social Media But Experts Warn Against It
Image Credit: Photo: Sophie Nengel

Sometimes, creativity in the kitchen can quickly go wrong. But the mistakes are often done by accident, and most days, they are a part of the learning process. On the other hand, it seems like in the world of social media, most people are out there to have some fun with their kitchen experiments. There is no right or wrong.It’s an open field. There is no concept of a mistake either. Is that fair?

Experts don’t think so. In fact, they point out the mistakes of influencers all the time. Here’s the latest example of how experts are warning that this particular TikTok trend is no good, and should be avoided.  

In case you missed it, honey jelly is the latest trend that seems to have taken over social media. A lot of people seem to be freezing honey bottles, and then squeezing it out later, almost like you’d squeeze toothpaste out of the tube. Then they bite into it in delight. This is highly risky, as experts said that eating too much honey can cause stomach ache problems and other serious side effects — not to mention bad teeth.  

The trend was started by Dave Ramirez. He wanted to create cylindrical candy, but didn’t know how to do it. He recorded himself trying his own version of cylindrical candy, and later revealed that it was just frozen honey. He also experimented with other flavours such as Hershey’s chocolate and fruit candy separately. However, this time he mixed the ingredients with corn syrup. A lot of followers called him the frozen honey king.  

On Instagram, a lot of people have tried the honey jelly trend. They also added candy sprinkles to the honey jelly, and recorded videos of eating it. But if we go by the experts, let’s remember the risk of following this trend. As experts have reported, it is not advisable to eat so much honey in one go.