Homemade Pizza Is Passé; Meet Robot-Made Pizzas Thanks To SpaceX’s Former Employees

We love the idea of instant, affordable and delicious food that we can get in a matter of minutes. Why else do you think all these fast-food joints selling burgers and pizzas are so popular? Now Imagine if you could get your favourite pizza freshly made from scratch in less than 5 minutes? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Turns out, your dream is about to get real now. A robot developed by former SpaceX employees bakes, makes, and tops a pizza every 45 seconds! Yes, you read that right. In a new food truck launched by them that will deliver pizza to customers at home, there is a fully-automated, touchless pizza-making machine, that will make their pizza on the way. Interesting! 

The innovative idea came from three former SpaceX engineers, Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, and James Wahawisan. While Tsai, the CEO of Stellar Pizza, used to design advanced battery systems for rockets and satellites earlier at Elon Musk's SpaceX, he joined hands with more than 23 former SpaceX employees to build the robot, as per a Business Insider report. 

The trio recently launched Stellar Pizza - the automated, mobile pizza selling eatery where you can choose from up to 10 different toppings including pepperoni over a supreme pizza and ask for your own fresh toppings that are pre-chopped. Yes, that’s a robot working for you and if you are still looking for more, wait till we tell you how the robot actually works. 

While the dough for your pizza will be made in a second, it will be pressed to make a pizza base. The base would then go inside the next machine line where it is smeared with sauce and cheese, and is topped with your choice of toppings. Then the robot arm automatically places it inside the hot oven to bake. Isn’t it all just so impressive? Take a look at a video showing the whole process of pizza-making by the robot uploaded on the YouTube channel Gemini Kitchen:

The machinery sure looks elaborate and it definitely makes pizza-making easier and quicker. On top of that, I think with all the hygiene concern, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic, this makes it safe with minimal to no human touch for the food you eat. Let’s see how it pans out once it starts serving next year in Los Angeles. 

What do you think about robot-made pizza? Let us know.