3 Homemade Hair Oils For Smooth And Bouncy Hair
Image Credit: Homemade Hair Oils

Everyone desires soft, lustrous, and healthy hair. However, pollution, stress, and chemical-based hair treatments take a toll on our lovely locks, causing them to become dry, harsh, and lustrous. Therefore, we all try to do home remedies to restore their hair's lustre, smoothness, and strength. However, to take care of hair, one need not always turn to expensive products or spend a lot on salon treatments. All that one needs are a few essential kitchen ingredients that bring stunningly silky, smooth, and dandruff-free lustrous mane in no time. Following these DIY hair oil masks by Cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev will not only keep your hair in good condition but will also enhance its beauty by adding shine, length, and bounce. 

Hair oil made from Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera offers numerous advantages, including preventing hair loss and dandruff and dry scalp treatment. It also strengthens and nourishes your hair and restoring the pH balance of your scalp and hair. 


  1. Cut one whole aloe vera leaf into two halves. Remove all of the gel from the leaves. 
  2. Combine 12 cups of this gel with 12 cups of coconut oil (the mixture must be 50-50). 
  3. Allow the mixture to cool thoroughly after heating it on a low flame for 5-7 minutes. 
  4. Add five drops of rosemary essential oil to the chilled mixture. 
  5. Before using this oil, please keep it in a cool, dark area for two weeks before using it. 

Hair Oil with Amla (Indian Gooseberry): Both women and men suffering from early greying, hair loss and damaged hair might benefit from this homemade hair oil. It promotes hair growth while also cooling the scalp and making your hair shinier and darker.


  1. Take 2 Amla fruits, cut into four slices each, and set aside to dry in the shade. Allow for at least one hour of drying time. 
  2. Toss the dried Amla pieces with two tablespoons of sesame oil and four extra virgin coconut oil tablespoons. 
  3. Heat the mixture over low heat until it begins to bubble. Allow it to cool in the pan. 
  4. Pour the mixture into a dark bottle and keep it in a cool, dark place for a week before using. 

Hair Oil with Onion: Onions' high sulphur content benefits treating various hair issues, including thinning, dandruff, and balding. It also acts as an antibacterial and aids in the treatment of scalp infections. The vitamin and mineral composition also strengthen hair roots, resulting in denser, thicker hair. 


  1. In a pan, finely chop a small onion and add six tablespoons coconut oil and two garlic cloves. 
  2. Allow the mixture to cool after heating until it begins to boil. 
  3. Cool it and store down it in a refrigerator. Add 3 to 4 drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil to cut the smell of onions. 
  4. It should always be warmed before using it. You can also add some camphor 2-3 tablets to 30ml oil. 

Cosmetologist Tip: Don’t apply oil separately and vigorously to the cuticles. Instead, use it on the top and let the oil flow. Then, dip a cotton ball in the oil and gently massage it in the scalp to ensure an even spread and absorption of oil.