4 Home Remedies For Urinary Stones
Image Credit: Home Remedies For Urinary Stones

Urinary stones are a common problem nowadays. If, for some reason, the urine becomes thick, then this is one of the signs of stone formation in the body, and one must not ignore it. First small grains are formed; later, they increase and become stones. Finally, the pain of stones sometimes becomes unbearable and causes difficulty in urinating. The stone formation can be genetic and occurs at any stage of life. Here are some home remedies that may aid in keeping urinary stones at bay.

Home remedies for urinary stones

  1. Cumin Seeds: When cumin seeds are taken with sugar syrup or honey, the stone dissolves in the urine. Grind cumin and sugar in equal quantity. Take one spoon each with cold water thrice a day. 
  2. Fennel-Coriander Water: Take 50-50 grams of sugar, fennel, dry coriander, and soak it overnight in one and a half litres of water. The following evening, filter, grind and mix them in water. 
  3. Cardamom-Melon Seeds Water: Mix 15 grains of cardamom, one spoon of melon seeds and two spoons of sugar in a cup of water. Drink it twice a day to eliminate stones. 
  4. Basil Seeds: Taking Himjeera or basil seeds with granulated sugar and milk removes the stones stuck in the urinary tract.

Healthy Tips

  1. Drinking coconut water is beneficial: One should drink coconut water to get relief from stones.  
  2. Amla powder: Eating the powder of amla with radish removes urinary stones. 
  3. Mango leaves: Dry mango leaves, grind them very finely and take eight grams daily with water. 
  4. Avoid caffeine: Avoid drinking tea, coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine. 
  5. Jamun: Do you know that jamun plays a significant role in getting rid of stones? 

In the case of urinary stones, more and more water should be consumed. However, lack of water and less water filtering in the body causes calcium, uric acid, and other stone-forming elements to get trapped in kidneys, gradually forming stones.