Home-Grown Coffee That You Should Switch To

Coffee lovers surely knows what it’s like to have some freshly roasted coffee, but the hassle of tedious equipment might just put you off. Thankfully India is blessed with some of the world’s best coffee estate. And as Indian master roasters have realised the potential of homegrown beans there’s a surge of home-grown brands in the market. The best part these brands also have their merchandise like numerous grind sizes, like French press, South Indian filter, and more. 

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Started by Mithilesh Vazalwar who himself is Coffee Q-Grader, Coffee Roaster, Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters aims to empower Indian Coffee Farmers. This speciality coffee roaster is all about offering freshly roasted coffee at their live roastery and Café in Nagpur. They have got some great Indian variety beans. Their opartners estates are Ratnagiri, Riverdale Estate and more. Their Cold Brew Blend is light and acidic. Their Sampler Pack Cold Brew Blend (Espresso with Stone Fruit taste), Barbara Estate (Espresso which tastes like White chocolate and has hints of caramel), and Bison Filter Roast (Filter with a hint of oranges).

Price- Rs 396 onwards

Sleepy Owl

This one has been creating a lot of waves in the market. This one started by Arman Sood, Ashwajeet Singh and Ajai Thandi, today the brand is 5 years old and sees products like Cold Brew Packs, Hot Brew Bags, Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew Bottles, Ground Coffee, Brew Box, Instant Coffee and more. Their signature chocolatey and nutty flavor comes from single-origin, Arabica beans grown in Chikmagalur. The brans ahs also launched premium Instant Coffee is made with its signature 100% Arabica beans. This one sees the rich aroma of real coffee intact and yet the to brew a cup of coffee in seconds. The Premium Instant Coffee is available in three delicious flavours - Original, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. With no artificial flavours or preservatives, it’s packaged in a multi-serve tin, made of infinitely recyclable material. You can order their coffee via online. 

Price- Rs. 475/100g tin

Koinonia Coffee

If fresh beans are your weakness then this one is just perfect for you. Koinoni which means community in Greek this brand is a brainchild of Sidhartha Marchant, Clement Sissia, and Shanon D’Souza. Tucked in the bylanes of Khar, Mumbai, this café sees a large Probat machine roasting an artisanal variety of organic beans from Badra (Chikmanglur) to Marvahulla (Nilgiris). Their single-serve pourover bag and the Winter Espresso Blend that’s a a robust dark roast coffee made for espresso and milk are real gamechangers. 

Price- Rs 450 onwards

The Flying Squirrel

This Bangalore based brand sees 11 different brews with a rotating menu of seasonal coffees. Their pack of 6 is a great way to explore their whole coffee range. They also give you options for some nice brewing accessories, equipment, subscriptions and gifts. Try their Clouds In My Coffee, Deep Bliss, Aromatique and Rohan Bopanna’s Master Blend. Here most of their offering grow on their own estates in Coorg. 

Price-Rs 320 Onwards

Black Baza Coffee Co.

From the BR Hills in Karnataka, this one is 100% free of chemical pesticides. With an aim to strengthen coffee farming practices they see 6 flavours like The Vanderloo {100% Arabica}, the ficus {blend of Arabica & Robusta}, the whistling schoolboy {Arabica & Robusta with 20% chicory}. The brand also allows a subscription-based model to your coffee craving. It’s surely one flavourful strong cup. 

Price- Rs 250 onwards