Home Baker's Green Bread Wins 'Britain's Best Loaf' Title
Image Credit: Toth Marton/facebook

Being a staple breakfast item, bread is loved by people all across the world. Recently, a home baker’s green bread won the title of "Britain’s Best Loaf". Flavoured with matcha green tea and white chocolate, this bread also contains a hint of dried fruits and crispy macarons. "Britain's Best Loaf" is a competition run by a trade magazine called British Baker.

Also known as Brioche Japonais and baked in Derbyshire, this bread has also topped the 'innovation' category of this competition. As per the BBC reports, this unique bread was made by Miyo Aoetsu, who started baking as a hobby and has now become a professional baker and runs Kuma-San Bakehouse. The 53-year-old baker told the BBC that the bread was inspired by her Japanese heritage and her time living in France.

This green bread has a subtle bitterness of matcha that is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of chocolate and dried fruits. Matcha, the green tea powder used in this bread, is rich in antioxidants and has been linked to various health benefits. From boosting brain function to weight loss, here are four health benefits of matcha:

Boosts Brain Function:

According to Healthline, matcha tea has several components that help enhance brain function. It has a larger, more concentrated amount of caffeine than green tea, which improves certain brain functions like attention and memory.

Promotes Heart Health:

According to WebMD, the antioxidants in matcha help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which are the major causes of severe heart diseases like heart attack and stroke. It also protects the body's cells against cancer. 

Protects Liver:

According to Healthline, drinking matcha tea reduces the risk of liver diseases. It decreases the enzyme levels in the organ, which leads to liver damage. 

For Weight Loss:

According to Healthline, matcha tea extract is an amazing weight loss supplement. It helps speed up metabolism, which increases energy expenditure and leads to fat burning. Therefore, matcha tea is an amazing addition to the weight-loss diet.