Holi Recipes: Mango Thandai Or Strawberry-Chia Lassi, Which Fruity Drink Will You Add To Your Menu
Image Credit: Vivanta and The Ashok

The festive season is upon us and how, and while we know the hunt for the best Gujiyas and Namak Pares have intensified now, but while planning your Holi menu, you cannot not take into account the drinks. The temperatures are soaring, and there are only so many buckets of water your mother would let you use to play Holi. Therefore, to beat the heat, you have need drinks that are so refreshing and flavourful that they will become the instant talking points in your Holi party.  

Think summers, and we instantly start craving the loaded thandais and lassis. For this special occasion, we fetched not one, but two drinks from renowned F&B properties that could add life to your party. Now the choice is yours, do you prefer the tropical Mango Thandai, or the sweet and nutty Strawberry Lassi.  

Mango Thandai Recipe By Vivanta New Delhi, Dwarka


  • Almonds - 5
  • Fennel Seed – 5 gm
  • Cucumber Seed –10gm
  • Milk(Full Cream) -250ml
  • Sugar – 10 ml
  • Poppy Seed –5 gm
  • Green Cardamom Powder –5gm
  • Saffron –10gm
  • Mango –5 gm


  1. First of all, soak almonds, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, cucumber seeds in 1 cup water overnight.
  2. Blanch the almonds and grind all the wet ingredients together to a fine paste.
  3. Add milk to a heavy bottom pan on medium heat. Stir in between and let it come to a slight boil.
  4. Once the milk comes to a boil, lower the heat and add the thandai paste into it. Use a wire whisk to mix it all.
  5. Then add the sugar and cardamom powder and mix until it dissolved. Turn off the heat.
  6. Add Kesar and blend till everything is mixed perfectly.
  7. Please keep it in the refrigerator for 60 minutes.
  8. Add mango pulp and serve cold.

Strawberry and chia seed lassi- Chef Rubal, Hotel Samrat


  • Hung curd- 200 gms
  • Fresh strawberry puree- 80-100 gms
  • Honey- 30-40 gms
  • Green cardamom powder- A pinch
  • Soaked Chia seeds-1tbsp

For garnish:

  • Saffron- few strands
  • Fresh strawberry slices

Method :

  1. Soak chia seeds n keep it aside for 15 minutes
  2. In a mixing jar take yogurt, strawberry puree and blend.
  3. Add honey, cardamom powder pinch, soaked chia seeds to the above mix and give a swirl in the mixing jar again.
  4. Pour in a kullhad and keep it refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  5. Garnish it with fresh strawberry slices, soaked chia seeds, saffron strands and finally laced with honey.