Holi 2024: 8 Dahi Dishes To Enjoy This Holi
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Holi is a joyous festival of colours celebrated in India. People gather in the streets and parks to play with brightly coloured powders and water balloons. The atmosphere is one of sheer joy and community as people come together. friends and families gather for feasts. The colourful festivities of Holi fill people's hearts with hope for the future. 

Here are 8 delicious dahi recipes for your Holi celebration 

Dahi Aloo 

Dahi aloo is a simple Indian curry made with potatoes and yoghurt. To make it, potatoes are boiled until tender and then added to a spiced yoghurt sauce. The yoghurt provides a cooling contrast to the warm spices like cinnamon, cloves, etc. This hearty, creamy dish is often served with rice or flatbreads like naan or roti. With just a few ingredients, Dahi Aloo delivers comforting flavours. 

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Dahi Gujiya 

Dahi Gujiya is a popular Indian dessert dumpling filled with sweetened yoghurtyogstuffing. These bite-sized treats are made by stuffing the sweet, creamy yogurt mixture into flaky pastry shells. The pastries are then fried to golden perfection. Dahi Gujiya goes great with green chutney and a hot cup of masala chai. 

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Dahi Bhalla 

Dahi Bhalla is a delicious Indian yoghurt snack. Sweetened yoghurt is topped with soft lentil fritters called hallas and garnished with spices. The combination of creamy yoghurt, crispy bhallas, and tangy spices is absolutely mouthwatering. This dish is served with sweet tamarind chutney, jeera powder, black and chilli powder. 

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Dahi Ke Kebab  

They are soft, melt-in-your-mouth kebabs made from hung curd, spices like coriander, chilli and roasted cumin, and paneer cubes and are served with garlic chutney. Dahi ke kebabs are the perfect accompaniment to celebrate Holi, bringing families and friends together over food and fun. Each bite evokes the spirit of community, love and new beginnings that Holi signifies. 

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Fruit Raita

This cool yoghurt-based side is made by mixing together creamy yoghurt, diced fruits like mango and banana, spices, and herbs. The sweet juicy fruits provide a nice contrast to the tangy, creamy yoghurt. It helps soothe the palate and provides nourishment. 

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Baked Yoghurt 

Baked yoghurt is a Greek-inspired dish. Thick, creamy yoghurt is mixed with eggs, vanilla, and sugar, then baked to create a custard-like texture. The tangy, sweet yoghurt can be served warm or chilled, often with fresh fruit or honey drizzled on top. It's a simple, delicious dessert.

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The sweet and creamy lassi is the perfect drink for Holi. It is made by blending yogurt with water and spices, this refreshing beverage comes in sweet and savoury flavours. Sweet lassis are flavoured with fruit or rose water. As you dance and laugh with friends and family, sipping a tall glass of lassi is the ideal way to quench your thirst. 

Mango-Dahi Smoothie

A refreshing smoothie made with creamy yoghurt and juicy mangoes. Simply blend ripe mangoes, plain yoghurt, ice, and a touch of honey for a cool, tangy drink. Delicious on its own or paired with spicy Indian snacks like samosas or pakoras.