Holi 2022- Dig Into Some Rawalpindi Kebabs Or Sip Some Bell Pepper Infused Mocktails
Image Credit: Chicken and Baby Spinach Kebab

Be it some thandai, gujiya or lassi or even some dahi Bhalla, Holi is just not about colours but also about the innumerable food that one gets to gorge on. Sweets, drinks and snacks and more make it to the Holi table the the festive feel just gets double.

For the same we have two exclusive recipes of a starter Chef Dayashankar Sharma, Heritage Dulwich and a mocktail by Deepak Sharma, Saga

Rawalpindi Ka Kebab was extremely famous with most Royalties in North, North West and North East India During Mogul Emperor period of 1600 to 1900 and till today this kebab is very popular within the 5 Star hotels in India. This dish is served with Serve on appropriate plat with Garnish of seasoned dollop of piped Cream Cheese on top and Mint chutney at the bottom Here’s an exclusive recipe by Michelin Plate Winner Chef Dayashankar Sharma, Executive Chef, Heritage Dulwich

Rawalpindi Kebab. Chicken & Baby Spinach Kebab


    Chicken thigh boneless 750gm

    Crushed red chilli 1 ½ spoon

    Crushed Coriander 1TB spoon

    Crushed Cumin 1TB spoon

    Turmeric ½ tb spoon

    Red Chilli powder ½ tb spoon

    Coriander powder ½ tb spoon

    Cumin Powder ½ tb spoon

    Chopped Green Chilli 1tb spoon

    Chopped Ginger 2tb Spoon

    Chopped Frsh Mint ½ bunch

    Fresh Spinach ½ bunch

    Bread Crumb 3tb spoon


    Mix all above ingredients well and leave it in a bowl for 5 minute to integrate

    Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan and add chopped ginger, green chilli and brown for 2 minutes till finish crackling

    Add boneless chicken thigh & cook over high heat for 5 minutes and stir constantly, do not allow to stick at the bottom.

    Add all crushed spices and powder spices and cook till the chicken is soft (cooked)

    Add chopped coriander, mint, coriander, spinach and mix well and remove the pan from fire and cool it.

    When cold, Grind cooked mixture in Robot coup

    Add bread crumb and taste the seasoning. (adjust according to taste). Make Patties according to the size as in the picture and leave in the fridge to firm up.

    Heat very little oil in a none stick pan and grill the Patties (tikki) cook to golden brown

    Serve on appropriate plat with Garnish of seasoned dollop of piped Cream Cheese on top and Mint chutney at the bottom

    Garnish with red cress

Mocktail Recipe, By Deepak Sharma, Beverage Manager, SAGA, Gurgaon

Name - Dakshin


- Bell pepper infused ginger ale 50 ml 

- Citrus (lime or lemon) - 20 ml

- Agave - 20 ml

- House rose salt 

Method – 

Pour all ingredients in a shaker, or you can even use a jam jar if you don't have one, Add lots of ice and shake for 5-6 secs)

Pour everything in a stem glass straining the ice)

- Garnish - rose Salt rim.