History of Deviled Eggs, a Soul Satiating Treat
Image Credit: Deviled eggs (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Believed to be originated in Rome, deviled eggs are usually served as an appetizer. For the unversed, deviled eggs are basically stuffed or hard-boiled eggs filled with a unique paste made of egg yolk along with certain kitchen ingredients. Currently extremely popular in the West, deviled eggs were once a first meal attraction in Rome. Serving deviled eggs was so common in the past that Romans even had a saying "ab ova usque ad mala." This means "from the beginning of a meal to the end." 

Some of you must be thinking about what led to the name "deviled eggs." Right? In the past, there was a tradition of referring to something spicy, and hot as mean or associating them with the underworld. For example, Italian hot tomato sauce is called Arrabbiata which literally translates to "angry." Hence, an egg dish that's spicy and has a mix of different strong flavours was given the name, "deviled eggs." 

Those who have been to America maybe knowing that deviled eggs are almost a cultural icon for intimate American parties. These are a must at every family gathering or picnic. This may be the reason why some Americans think that deviled eggs originally belong to them but that's not true as you know by now. In fact, the eggs became popular in the United States post World War 2. There are varieties of deviled eggs and are known with different names in different countries. For example, they are called deviled eggs in the UK while egg mimosa, angel eggs, dressed eggs, and stuffed eggs are in other countries. 

Around 1000 years ago, Romans used to prepare deviled eggs by boiling eggs and then slathering them with spicy sauces of various kinds. The U.S version can be made by cutting boiled and shelled eggs in half. Scoop out the yolk and mix it with mayonnaise, pickle, and mustard. Put the mashed mixture into the empty portions of the eggs. You can also sprinkle some paprika over the eggs in case you wish.

Here is its detailed recipe in case you wish to try it.