Hina Khan has been giving us major vacay goals since the time she got to Egypt. From the historical beauty of the place to her grooving reels, we’ve been caught up in all that jazz. During her trip, the television actress showed us around and also gave us a sneak peek into her breakfast, lunch and dinner tables. Pancakes to authentic Egyptian cuisine, she experienced it all and left us feeling the FOMO. Although she’s back from her vacation, she has yet again managed to make us crave good food in the middle of the week. 

Recently, Hina Khan shared an image of her food plate on her Instagram stories and got us drooling. The image of that of what looked like grilled fish with a bunch of green, leafy vegetables to go with it. She did not caption the image yet we could make out the dish from her GIF of a fish. This is what she was eating. 

Source: Screengrab of Hina Khan's Stories/Instagram

 What seems to us like a well-grilled pink salmon dish was what she was having for her dinner last night. Now, if you’re too eager to dig into some grilled fish, here are some delectable recipes to try. 

1.  Citrus Marinated Grilled Fish 

For a tangy and zesty flavour, this grilled fish recipe is perfect. Marinated with orange juice and chipotle powder, the fish has hints of garlic and cumin to it. This marinated fish is then rested for some time and finally grilled to perfection. You can also sear the fish if you like. 

2.  Grilled Fish With Mayonnaise 

While the grilled fish is definitely an important part of the dish, it is the mayonnaise which takes it a notch higher. Grill the oregano-flavoured fish to a light brown colour with grill marks. Prepare a mayonnaise mixture with yoghurt, coriander, lemon juice, mustard and peppercorns. Serve it on the side.

3.  Grilled Fish With Lemon And Coriander 

Another light and easy recipe, this grilled fish is loaded with the zest of lemon. Tossed in lemon juice and ginger-garlic paste, the fish is grilled nicely. Chopped coriander and mustard seeds are added for the garnish. 

4.  Whole Grilled Fish With Crispy Garlic And Red Chillies 

The huge fish is grilled altogether with vegetable oil, garlic and soy sauce. The fish is then topped with some sliced red chillies and crispy fried garlic. This grilled fish is served on freshly-washed banana leaves.