Where To Find The Best Himachali Dham In Himachal Pradesh
Image Credit: Himachali Dham: The traditional Himachali feast is full of flavour and freshness.

The northern parts of Indian are guarded by beautiful mountain ranges and peaks. From Leh Ladakh to Himachal and Uttarakhand, there is no dearth of pahadon ki vadiyan in India. Did you know that Himachal Pradesh also inhabits a delectable cuisine that is best savoured in the local shops and restaurants? While there are plenty of standalone dishes that feature the list when it comes to Himachali fare, it is the dham that tops the charts. Dham, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is traditional Himachali meal that consists of pure vegetarian dishes that provided a well-balanced diet to the eater. 

The origins of dham date back to the time of King Jaistambh’s rule wherein he was so fascinated by the wazwan tradition in Kashmir that expressed his desire to enjoy a similar vegetarian feast back home. The cooks in his kitchen worked hard to come up with a huge platter, comprising of seven to eight sattvick dishes that would be served to their King. The best part is that the dishes are made without onion or garlic yet taste amazing. Over the years, each region of Himachal Pradesh has come up with its own version of dham, namely Chamba dham, Kangri dham and more. 

On a trip to Himachal Pradesh, don’t forget to dig into the rich pahadi feast at these places. 

1.  Himachali Rasoi 

We can vouch for this place with a pure personal experience. All the rich preparations are cooked in desi ghee and you will find everything, right from rice and lentils to curries and desserts on your plate. Located very centrally on the Shimla mall road, you can opt for their Mandyali or Kangrin dham. Apart from this, the famous Himachali bun called siddu is available in sweet and savoury versions too. 

Where:  54, Mall Rd, Middle Bazar, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001

Timings: 12 pm-9:30 pm

Cost For Two: ₹500 

Source: Sapna Sweets/Instagram, This place offers a range of desserts too.   https://www.instagram.com/p/CGMOOt2hIKq/