Here's Why You Must Eat Water Chestnuts

We have always been told to have seasonal vegetables and fruits. Do you know why that is so? Not only seasonal fruits and vegetables are affordable but come in abundance. Besides, when nature grows a particular produce under specific weather conditions and at a particular time, it’s the right to have them. Seasonal produce doesn’t have any artificial colour and thus, their nutritional content is high. 

One such seasonal fruit that we should grab is singhara. We all know what singhara is. Also known as buffalo nut, bat nut, ling nut, or singhara, water chestnut is technically not a fruit but actually a seed of the fruit. Grown in freshwater lakes in India, singhara is the first thing we look for in Navratri. And, this is because of a reason. Singhara is loaded with ample health benefits. It is not just gluten-free but a great source of energy. Let’s know about the benefits of water chestnut in detail. 

Works As Immunity Booster 

Singhara has a high content of antioxidants and thus, efficiently fights free radicals. It can not only help in curing chronic diseases but can also slow down the growth of specific cancer cells. You can have singhara raw or use it in a form of flour.  

Aids Weight Loss 

Yes, you read that right. Regular consumption of singhara or water chestnut can help in weight management because of its high fiber content. Because of its fiber and water content, it keeps the stomach full for a long time and keeps hunger pangs at bay. Its earthy flavour is what makes it special. 

Helps In Reducing Stress 

Singhara or water chestnut is loaded with Vitamin B6 which can fuel the nervous system. If some studies are to be believed, it can help with stress and can even boost moods.  

Smoothens Digestion  

Since water Chesnut or singhara is loaded with fiber and this is what makes it perfect when it comes to digestion problems. It smoothens the movement of food through the intestine and thus, one should include it in their diet. 

So, without wasting any time, head to the market and buy some singharas for the season. Thank us later!