7 Tips To Ace The Art Of Brewing Beer
Image Credit: Beer

Beer can solve any problem and this theory is believed by many beer fanatics living across the world. Beer made with wheat or barley grains is prepared through an intense brewing process. For ages, beer has been prepared in small batches at home and we can definitely say, it is an art and all brewers are an artist.  

Home brewing is not just an art but of course, a whole lot of fun. It has taken the nation by storm and the key to brewing my friend is thinking strategically and making choices that may benefit you in the longer run. Home brewing beer has made the world crazy but if you have just started, there are a few tips that can help you in acing the art of brewing beer. 

Always pay attention to sanitation

Those who know even a little are aware that sanitation begins even before the brewing process starts and it keeps going until the batches are packed. Sterilization is different from sanitation. The sterilization part needs to be respected right after the beer cooling down process. Because this is the time when bacteria are likely to take over. It is essential to take care of these steps. 

Always use high-quality and fresh ingredients

Fresh ingredients always make good homebrew. You may opt for using liquid yeast or maybe you can start using a fresh extract rather than the canned one. It is always better to keep grains in a cool dry place and liquid yeast in the refrigerator. 

Cooling is the key

It is advisable to cool the wort as quickly as possible. This is because a fast cooling process can help in minimizing the growth of the bacteria. Besides, it can significantly enhance the beer’s quality and make it more visually appealing. 

Darker beers should be the beginning

The dark stuff is often considered best to start with because such stouts are better at covering up the mistakes that might have been made. Irrespective of what your favourite beer type is, start with this and prevent your first batches to become a flop.

Boiling perfectly

Boiling the wort for adequate time can actually help in several aspects. Not only it sterilizes the wort but also helps get rid of several undesirable compounds. It is advisable to boil the wort for at least 60 minutes. For lighter styles, boiling for 90 minutes gives the best results.

Choosing glass fermenters

Many brewers use plastic buckets for fermentation. They may be an inexpensive way to get started but you can always push yourself for upgradation. Opting for stainless less or glass fermenters is one of those options. It has ample advantages. Moreover, they are easier to sterilize and clean.

Thinking for long run

The equipment bought for the home brewing process should not just be a purchase but an investment. Saving a few bucks today can cost you a lot tomorrow and this is something nobody wants. Thus, it is always advised to buy good quality equipment that may help you in the longer run.