Here's A Pro Tip To Keep Salad Fruits and Veggies From Settling

The crisp, clean flavours of salads make them natural picks for a quick and healthful dinner. You'll want to enjoy a lot of salads this summer, whether it's because of the delicious dressings or the delicious combination of ingredients. There is always the possibility of getting a forkful of only lettuce when you're eating a salad when what you really want is some tomato, some cucumber, some meat, some cheese, and some almonds to give it that extra something. Unfortunately, some items tend to sink to the bottom of the bowl, depriving salad fans of the gastronomic paradise that is the bottom of a bowl of salad. This unfortunate incident can be avoided with the use of a salad hack that can be used with many different types of salads. 

The key is to accept the concept of layers, beginning with the more substantial elements. Those heartier ingredients should be tossed into the salad first, before the lighter, more delicate ones are added. You should then toss them with a salad dressing. This will allow you to coat all of the deliciously crunchy fruits, proteins, vegetables, nuts, and dairy, ensuring that they are evenly dispersed throughout the salad. 

Use your hands to toss the salad, which will help distribute the ingredients evenly. It will assist the greens and heartier components blend together better and minimises the bitterness of the greens by a small amount. After this is done, you can add the more lightweight ingredients, as well as any that are easily damaged by movement. This category of foods includes avocados as well as more delicate fruits like berries. 

As an additional tip, fresh herbs are best added to a salad after it has been tossed with dressing. In this way, their individual flavours will stand out without being smothered by the others. Additionally, watch out for foods like vegetables and fruit that contain a lot of water. They can lose their crispness and grow mushy with time. Do not toss the salad until you are ready to serve it.