Here Is A Recipe To Make Your Own Instant Poha Mix At Home

Poha is a breakfast dish that is quite popular in India and can be prepared in a variety of different ways around the country. Whether you choose to eat in the old-fashioned manner with peanuts, curry leaves, and other ingredients, or whether you want to bite on the chivda that is created from this flattened rice dish, poha has a special place that is widely shared. Poha is typically served in Uttar Pradesh and certain regions of Rajasthan with a topping of spicy bhujia and a side of sugary sweets such as jalebis or imartis. On the other hand, poha in Maharashtra typically contains potatoes and is accompanied by a side of chutney and is topped with crisp, vivid yellow sev. What if we tell that you can make instant poha and poha is incredibly healthy too? 

Instant Poha Mix Recipe 


2 cups Thick Poha 

2 tbsp Oil 

1 tsp Mustard Seeds 

1/4 tsp Hing 

1 tsp Saunf (fennel seeds) 

10 to 12 curry leaves 

3 tbsp roasted peanuts (Indian variety is best for this) 

1tsp haldi 

1 tbsp Sugar 

1 tsp Salt 

1 tsp Black Salt 

1/2 tsp Taatri / Citric Acid - this is optional if you can get fresh lemon / lime while making it 

2 Chillies , cut & dried 

1 tsp Grated Ginger, dried 


Put the poha in a pan and dry-roast it. When it's finished, transfer it on a plate and let it cool down. In another pan, heat the oil and add the hing, curry leaves, peanuts, haldi, green chilies, and dried ginger. Now add the roasted poha and give it a good stir. Add salt, sugar, and taatri (if using), and stir well to mix everything together. Put off that flame and wait for it to cool down. Keep this poha mix in an airtight container.  

When you're ready to eat, just pour some boiling water over it, cover it, and let it sit for 7-8 minutes. The recipe you've been looking for is right here. It's brilliant. It's a lifesaver for hectic schedules or if you are travelling. As a student, you will find this to be ahandy recipe. To prepare enough for several meals, it will just take you ten minutes to make a large amount. 

There's a good reason why poha has become so popular outside of India as a breakfast option. First of all, any basic poha recipe is likely foolproof and can be prepared by even the most inexperienced cook. It's also cooked with a variety of veggies, including peas, potatoes, coriander, and even crispy peanuts. This enhances the dish's healthfulness and satiety. It's inexpensive, readily available, and nutritionally dense.