FIFA 2022: Here Are Some Traditional Foods Of Qatar To Know

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup is taking place in Qatar, spirits among football fans worldwide are high. Even more so now that the pandemic has passed, the excitement is at an all-time high. Watching your team score a goal will almost certainly make you ecstatic, whether you watch the game at home or are fortunate enough to attend it live. In addition to the excitement of the game, we also thought you would like this list of popular Qatari dishes. 

It may be challenging to discover traditional Qatari meals due to the country's diverse international cuisine. However, it's worthwhile to make the effort to look for traditional eateries to sample Qatari fare, which ranges from robust homemade stews to delicate sweets. Throughout the ages, the Levant, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and the nomadic Bedouin culture have all had an impact on Qatar's cuisine. A variety of nuanced flavours are produced as a result of the long cooking methods and the rich spice mixture. 


The traditional Arabic stew saloona is typically prepared at home for family feasts. It can be made with anything you have on hand, but it typically starts with beef, lamb, or fish and seasonal vegetables that have been seasoned with ginger and garlic. Bread should be served with the dish in large quantities so that it can soak up the soup. 

Warak Enab 

Although most of the Middle East is populated with stuffed vine leaves, those from Qatar have a particularly distinctive flavour. Typically, warak enab consists of rice and ground beef or lamb with coriander, pepper, and garlic for flavour. With fresh lime wedges, this cuisine is best enjoyed in Qatar. 

Kousa Mahshi 

Middle Eastern zucchinis called kousa mahshi are stuffed with ground lamb, veggies, and herbs like parsley and mint. Numerous eateries in Doha also offer vegetarian options made with chickpeas. To get the full flavour, dunk them in yoghurt or tomato paste. 


When visiting Doha, you must have majboos because it is Qatar's national dish. The dish, which is typically prepared with lamb or chicken, is cooked for a very long time to intensify the flavour. Along with a salad and homemade tomato sauce, it is served over seasoned rice. Almost every restaurant serving Qatari food in Doha offers this dish.  


Rice porridge known as madrouba is delectable and goes well with any meal. It is prepared with milk, butter, cardamom, chicken (and occasionally beans), and is then cooked for a long period to achieve the perfect consistency. Although each restaurant has its own recipe, toppings typically include fried onions or clarified butter spiced with cardamom. 


Luqaimat, a common sweet dish in Qatar, is a donut-like sweet fried dumpling scented with cardamom and saffron and topped with sugar syrup. The ideal luqaimat is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.