Here Are Four Creative Ways To Add Broccoli To Your Diet
Image Credit: Four Creative Ways To Add Broccoli To Your Diet

Broccoli is usually found in sandwiches, salad, or often combined with cheese in different pasta. Broccoli is an excellent source of nutrients, packed with vitamins such as Vitamin C, K, A, and calcium. It's also rich in essential nutrients like zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. So, aside from numerous health benefits, let’s include this bundle of nutrient veggies in different, delicious, and simple forms in our diet. Here are some ways to make broccoli a hero in your meal. 

1. Fried Rice

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Are you a picky eater in your family? Try this broccoli sabzi. Take a saucepan and add chopped tomatoes, diced carrots, baby corns, green, red, yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, sliced potatoes, and a bowlful of chopped broccoli. Heat the butter with olive oil, toss the veggies in a pan and add black pepper, salt, red chili, salt, and a pinch of garam masala. Saute them, toss sesame seeds and a dash of lemon juice. Your healthy light broccoli sabzi is ready; serve this with chapati or plain paratha.

These are simple ideas to include healthy broccoli in your diet. However, you can combine various versions and get crucial benefits.