Here Are Five Indian Cookbooks To Have In Your Shelf
Image Credit: Ammi—An Expression of Love by Prasanna Pandarinathan

With Indian flavours stretching from its one coast to the other, there is no dearth of Indian cookbook authors documenting them, while some documenting parts of their growing up days that was around food. Cookbook are an interesting way to depict an whole culinary era. Though there is enough information on internet these days, but the charm of holding a cookbook and flipping through the pages is surely nostalgic.

Here are few Indian cookbooks that you should have in your shelf. 

Ammu: Indian Home Cooking to Nourish Your Soul by Asma Khan

Asma Khan needs no introduction. Having put her restaurant Darjeeling express on the global map, her cookbooks too are making a mark for themselves. This book of her Ammu: Indian Home Cooking to Nourish Your Soul is an ode to her mother and the rich culinary heritage that her family has. The book sees some interesting images from her childhood days intermingled with some rich text. This book is a celebration of her growing up years, her home cooking, and the link between food and love. 

Cooking to Save Your Life by Abhijit Banerjee

What do you expect from a book that has ben written by a Nobel prize winner for Economics? This cook Cooking to Save Your Life is sees many insightful information along with some thought provoking info apart from being playful. The recipes in the book is feast friendly and many are unique. The book also sees many recipes that use expensive ingredients along with he suggesting how to make the best use of but high-quality resources. 

Tiffin: 500 Authentic Recipes Celebrating India's Regional Cuisine by Sonal Ved

This book by Sonal Ved sees a collection of 500 recipes that have been carefully put together region wise and then into subcategories of meats, seafood, vegetarian, and desserts. Be it vegetarian dishes, hearty meat-filled dinners, scrumptious seafood, 10-minute dazzling appetizers or anything just name and the book has it all. Packed with some gorgeous illustrations, Tiffin is all about the diversity of Indian cuisine. 

Ammi—An Expression of Love by Prasanna Pandarinathan

Ammi is an anchor for heritage, tradition, and nostalgia for love and loss. It is a celebration of love and transforming even simple dishes into glorious meals. Nirmala always had a deep love for cooking; something that only intensified after the untimely death of her youngest child and Pressy’s brother. It was then that the idea for Ammi was born, when Pressy decided to record her mother’s timeless recipes in a book. Nirmala’s last few years were happily spent penning down her most treasured recipes from the different regions she’d lived in, a process which immersed herself and her family in memories from her life-long culinary journeys, which inspired her art of soulful cooking. Ammi is Pressy’s way of paying homage to her beloved Nirmala, and to relive the beautiful and wholesome memories that she and her family shared with her mother.

Masala Lab: The Science of Indian Cooking by Krish Ashok

This book by Penguin House India is an exploration of Indian cooking which aims to make kitchen a playful place for the one who is there. Krish Ashok puts an engaging approach towards food with all his reperch and experimentation.  A science nerd himself the book focuses on all aspects of cooking that one needs to know.