Here Are 5 Sourdough Bread We Bet You Didn't Know About

The love of bread is constant no matter what the differences are. However, the health hazards of consuming commercial yeast are keeping some bread lovers from savouring their favourite loaves at bay. Here sourdough bread comes into play. Made with live fermented yeast and commonly known as a sourdough starter, sourdough bread is tangy, crispy and utterly delicious. The natural leavening agent gives it an edge over supermarket bread from a health angle. The fermented sourdough starter breaks down the gluten, making it more digestible as compared to other bread types. With a delicious flavour profile and exciting texture, sourdough bread is an absolute favourite. But do you know that there are varieties of sourdough bread? Here are five types of sourdough bread that we bet you didn’t know about. 

  1. Rye Sourdough Bread 
    The use of rye flour instead of regular flour gives the sourdough bread a denser texture. It also enhances the flavour profile by giving it a nutty edge. Move over bun-maska and try rye sourdough with butter. 
  2. Potato Flake Sourdough 
    This bread uses potato flakes in the starter base and is low maintenance. The addition of potato water or flakes results in a moister and milder flavour than the regular rye or wheat sourdough bread.

  3. Honey Wheat Sourdough 
    The sugar in the honey results in a sweeter flavour profile of the sourdough bread. A blend of tangy and sweet flavours makes it pleasant to savour an entire loaf. 
  4. Spelt Flour Sourdough
    From a health standpoint, this bread is better than other types as the grain is full of vitamins and minerals. This type of sourdough is perfect for people who are planning to minimize gluten consumption without giving up on bread entirely. 
  5. Brown Rice Sourdough 
    Made from brown rice flour, this sourdough is a match made in heaven for people who are on a gluten-free diet. The starter needs to be fed more often but also leavens quicker than other starters, which is an added perk.  

These are the five broad types of sourdough bread that you can try at home according to your preferences. Try making bread today to not worry about a delicious evening snack anymore.