Here’s Why Dill Leaves Are Really Beneficial For You And How Can You Use Them
Image Credit: Dill leaves as well as dill oil are very beneficial fir health.

As Indians, our country is known as the land of agriculture. From the remote tribal areas to the densely-populated cities, the food incorporates all that grows on our fertile land. Trees, shrubs, roots and even leaves are aptly used in Indian cooking. The prevalence and influence of Ayurveda has spread the knowledge of the various benefits that we can attain from the natural resources around us. 

The extensive use of fennel seeds, chives, the roots of turnips etc. have become commonplace now. One such ingredient that is used very often but hasn’t been given the much-deserved credit for it is dill. For the uninitiated, dill is a type of herb that lends flavor and a distinct aroma to a dish. While Indians use the leaves of dill for their pickles, chutneys and curries, they are also popular in Ukranian and Russian cuisine. The mixed herb dips make use of these long and tender leaves of dill to add an appetizing fragrance to the dish. 

These dill leaves come packed with lots of nutrition and can be great for your health. 

1. Abundance of antioxidants 

They consist of a range of antioxidants which means that they can protect your cells from free radical activity. 

2. Reduces risk of cancer 

Plant compounds like dill are beneficial in this regard since its essential oil (extracted from dill) has anti-cancer properties and can also be used for inflammation-related problems. 

3. Good for heart health 

Dill contains flavonoids which are directly linked to antioxidant and anti-inflammation. This keeps your heart at bay from diseases. 

4. Eliminates Insomnia

If you have trouble falling asleep then the B-complex present in dill can actually prove to be beneficial for you. 

If you’re looking for ways to include dill in your diet, we’ve got plenty of recipes in store for you.