Hemp Nutrition And Beauty Benefits: Why You Should Include Them In Your Daily Life?
Image Credit: Hemp Nutrition And Beauty Benefits

Hemp nutrition facts and health benefits: It is no secret that Hemp is a wonder plant. It not only removes CO2 from the atmosphere, extracts toxic metals from the soil and requires very minimal irrigation for its growth, but it is also a boon for your skin, hair and overall beauty, and wellness! Hemp seeds are unique because they are highly nutritious, a great source of essential fatty acids, packed with protein, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Hence, they are like a super-superfood cleanse all in one.

Ms Namrata Reddy Sirupa, Co-founder of Satliva, shares that all essential fatty acids present in hemp seeds are vital components to skin and hair health. 

  1. Alpha Linoleic acid helps build ceramides: Building blocks of our skin and hair. Hemp seeds can thus help smooth out wrinkles, fine lines and remove other signs of skin damage while also strengthening our hair and reducing hair fall, breakage and split ends. 
  2. Another fatty acid present in hemp seeds: Gamma-Linolenic acid, helps to keep our hormones in balance, thereby reducing oil production and preventing sebum buildup on our skin and our scalp, thereby controlling issues like dandruff. 

Nutrition benefits of hemp 

Other than their cosmetic benefits, which are a bonus of their overall contribution to our wellness, hemp seeds also help maintain a healthy and vigorous immune system by controlling blood sugar, reducing inflammation and inflammatory issues, improving heart health, and easing digestion and symptoms of PMS and menopause. 


In all honesty, there is not much this plant cannot do, and we can reap many of these benefits by either applying hemp-based products to our skin, hair and arthritic limbs topically or by ingesting hemp seed oil orally. Whatever method you choose, make sure to start including hemp in your daily routine for a healthier and more beautiful you. Ensure to consult an expert if you have any lifestyle ailment before including hemp seeds in your daily diet.