Heatwave Alert: 10 Drinks To Stay Hydrated And Healthy With
Image Credit: Watermelon Juice | Image Credit: Freepik.com

With the sun shining brighter and the mercury rising above normal, people are demanding cooling drinks to stay hydrated and healthy with. People are also taking other precautions like staying indoors, carrying an umbrella while going outside, and indulging in light foods.   

According to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), several parts of India are witnessing heatwaves. This year is recorded to be the hottest and people are taking precautions as per their needs. One of the essential ways to stay healthy and energised in summer is taking cooling and hydrating drinks. India with its rich culinary heritage, offers a wide range of traditional beverages that are not only refreshing but also packed with health benefits.  

Here are some of the drinks that can help you to stay cool and healthy during the scorching summer months. Take a look:  

  • Aam Panna  

Made of raw mangoes, this tangy and refreshing drink is perfect to beat the summer heat waves. Add cumin, mint and black salt to make it flavourful, thus resulting in a perfect coolant. Besides, raw mangoes are packed with Vitamin C which helps boost immunity while the spices aid in digestion and prevent heat strokes.  

  • Nimbu Pani  

Want to opt for a simple yet effective summer drink? Try nimbu pani made with fresh lemon juice, water, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, lemons help to detoxify the body. It replenishes the lost electrolytes and provides instant energy. It is a staple in every Indian household during summer.


  • Jaljeera 

A spicy and tangy drink, jaljeera is made with cumin (jeera) and water, often blended with tamarind, mint, and a variety of spices. Cumin helps in the digestion process and provides a cooling effect. Jaljeera not only satisfies thirst but also aids in digestion, and reduces bloating, making an excellent summer drink.  

  • Chaas   

Also known as buttermilk, chaas is a yoghurt-based drink that is seasoned with spices like cumin, coriander, and ginger. Chaas is a good source of probiotics, helping to maintain gut health and aiding in digestion. It also works as a natural coolant and hydrates the body effectively. It is one of the favourite drink of Indian households.  

  • Coconut Water  

This natural beverage is rich with essential electrolytes namely potassiuma and magnesium. Besides, being low in calories and sugars, coconut water makes a preferable choice for hydration. In summers, indulge in coconut water as it helps replenish lost electrolytes and keep the body cool. 

  • Sattu Sharbat  

Sattu flour is made from roasted gram (chickpeas) and when mixed with water, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt, it creates a refreshing summer drink. The drink is rich in protein and fibre, sattu sharbat helps in maintaining energy levels and keeps you fulfilled. It is an excellent drink for those looking to stay hydrated and nourished.  

  • Sugarcane Juice  

You must have noticed sugarcane juice selling by the roadside. It is the most popular street drink in India and is known for its cooling properties. It contains natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Besides, sugarcane juice provides instant energy and helps you to keep hydrated and cool during hot summers.  

  • Bael Sharbat  

This sharbat is made from the beal fruit pulp. Apart from being an ideal summer drink owing to its refreshing properties, this drink also helps in digestion. It is known for its cooling properties and often used to treat heat strokes and dehydration. Bael sharbat is a delicious way to stay cool and healthy in summer.  

  • Watermelon Juice  

Watermelon is made with over 90% water and making juice out of it works as an excellent hydrator. It is packed with Vitamins A, B6, and C, and antioxidants like lycopene. To make this, you can simply blend watermelon chunks and strain if desired. Serve chill to enjoy a hydrating treat.  

  • Lassi  

Hailing from Punjab, lassi is a popular yoghurt-based drink. It can be of different flavours namely sweet, salty, or fruity like mango. Yoghurt provides probiotics that help in digestion and improve the gut health. Lassi is creamy in texture and is refreshing, keeping the body cool and hydrated.