Wait, What? Rum Has Health Benefits Too

Any home bar is incomplete without rum, and we know why. This distilled spirit has a long history associated with it. Some legends believe that rum derived its name from 'rumbullion' which translates to "a great tumult or uproar” while some believe that the word comes from 'saccharum'. No matter where it originated from, it has been ruling our hearts for ages. 

Smooth and rich in texture as well as flavour, rum is considered to be one of the best spirits for the winter season. Millions of rum lovers do not want to give up their favorite glass of rum during the cold winters.  Let’s give you some healthy reasons to have rum in winter.

Combats Cough and Cold

We tend to catch cold and cough during winter. Let us tell you that rum can actually help you fight such infections. Experts have claimed that rum has antimicrobial properties that kill such bacteria. But you must note that it is not a medicine that one should take regularly. It is essential to consult a doctor about the quantity.

Provides Warmth To The Body

In winter, it becomes a necessity to keep the body when it is freezing outside. Rum can actually help a lot in this. It is advisable to have old and dark rum in winter to keep the body rum.

May Be A Better Bet For Diabetics

Some studies have claimed that rum can lower the body’s cholesterol levels and can manage diabetes. It can keep blood sugar levels in check while reducing the risk of diabetes. You didn’t know this, did you?

Contains Antiseptic Properties

This is a quality of rum that many of us know about. Rum is said to have antiseptic properties which are considered effective not only for cleansing wounds while preventing bacteria growth. Moreover, it can also reduce pain when applied topically or consumed in a certain quantity. 

May Be Good For Heart Health Too

It is believed that the consumption of rum in appropriate quantity can promote strong and good heart health. Not only does it prevent the formation of arterial blockage in the body but also has proven to be beneficial in the treatment of peripheral vascular disease.  It can even reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

If taken in limited quantity, rum has a lot of health benefits. One of which is keeping cancer at bay. Some studies have claimed that those who drink rum moderately have a lower chance of contracting kidney cancer. The experts also cautioned that excess rum can in fact prove more harmful, so moderation is key.

Winter is here and it is the time to relish our favourite winter drink. Rum and coke is a quite popular combination. What is your favourite combination? Do let us know!