Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Prevent Heartburn
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Heartburn in the morning is not ideal (to put it mildly), yet it affects more than 15 million people every year. Heartburn is a common occurrence; experiencing a burn after breakfast is a serious fact. There are actually several of healthy breakfast options available if you wake up with little time to yourself but still want to eat a heart-healthy meal. It only requires a little advance preparation the night before. Heartburn and acid reflux is common and it irritates the stomach lining if severe. It is not a pleasant experience to have when you are in a rush and heading to work. 

Here are some breakfast ideas to include in your diet-

Low-fat yoghurt with berries

While full-fat dairy products can cause heartburn, low-fat or fat-free yoghurt usually has a lower risk of doing so. Add a couple of scoops of low-fat yoghurt and a few fresh berries to a Tupperware container for sweetness. Yoghurt is a great source of gut-friendly bacteria, along with calcium, vitamin D, and a healthy amount of protein.

Whole grain toast with natural jam

Whole-grain bread offers heart-healthy fibre and may also help regulate blood sugar. The less processed the better. Natural jam or jelly with no added sugar can help sweeten things without filling your morning with too much sugar, and this breakfast's simplicity makes it convenient to eat on the go. This healthier option might be just what you've been looking for if you usually start your mornings with a doughnut or bagel smeared in full-fat cream cheese and frequently have heartburn.

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Although hot oatmeal has been shown to lower cholesterol, carrying it may be difficult if your mornings are busy. Overnight oats are a simple solution for travellers that are created by combining raw oats with low-fat milk (or a milk substitute) and storing the mixture over night in the refrigerator. A few slices of apple and some sweet maple syrup make things sweet but also really great.

Fruit and spinach smoothie

Blend in a blender two handfuls of spinach, one handful each of strawberries and low-fat milk or a milk substitute, along with a cup of ice. Until smooth, blend. Pour the mixture into a glass jar and freeze it over night so it will stay cold during your morning commute. The health advantages can be increased by adding a scoop of protein powder with reduced sugar and fat!

Egg white omelette cups with veggies

In a muffin tin, combine a variety of chopped vegetables (avoid common heartburn triggers like tomatoes and onions) with egg whites, which are high in protein but low in fat. Bake in the oven, then store in the refrigerator after cooling. Put two or three omelette cups in a microwave-safe container the following morning, and have a protein-rich breakfast whenever you have the time