Healthful Breakfast: Choliye Ka Chilla

Green chickpeas, also known as choliya, is a common vegetable to find on every vegetable cart as the winter season comes to an end. This taste fantastic in addition to being very beneficial to our health. They are packed with important vitamins and minerals, just like their other counterparts known as the black chana. We have a mouthwatering healthy breakfast meal for you that uses green chana, also known as choliya, which has wonderful health advantages. 

Who likes to spend their lovely morning in the kitchen, therefore it is simple and quick to create. Not us! Due to their limited availability during the summer, you should incorporate them into your diet now. So let's start cooking and maximise the nutritional value of this ingredient! 


1/2 cup green choliya 

1 tsp green chilli paste 

1 tsp besan 

2 tsp curd 

1 onion (grated) 

1/4 tsp baking powder 

1 tomato cubed 

1 onion cut in cubes 

1 capsicum sliced 

1 cup roasted crushed peanuts 

Salt to taste 


Heat up a pressure cooker. Add two glasses of water together with the choliya, also known as green chana. Add a little salt. Cook for 2-3 whistles for 10 minutes. After straining the choliya, combine it with the chopped onion, besan, curd, and green chilli paste. Blend the ingredients thoroughly using a hand blender. 

In a non-stick pan, heat 1 teaspoon of oil. On the hot pan, spread a tablespoon of the mixture. It should be uniformly spread using circular motions like a pancake. On top, strew chopped onion, tomato, pepper, and crushed peanuts. After a minute of covering it, flip the chilli so that all sides are evenly cooked. Serve warm with imli sonth and green coriander chutney on the side. 

Health Benefits: 

Choliya is an abundant source of fibre, which helps people feel satisfied for longer, so removing the impulse to eat junk food and alleviating hunger! Welcome to a trim body and flat stomach. 

Choliya is a fantastic iron source that can treat any iron deficiency you may have. Shiny nails and healthy hair are directly correlated with good iron intake. Additionally, it is loaded with plant-based protein, which has the ability to offer you bouncy hair and glowing skin.