Health Tips: 6 Things You Must Never Do After A Meal
Image Credit: Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why, despite eating a balanced diet, you don't acquire enough important nutrients in your body? If you've been feeling tired despite eating a healthy diet, it's natural to worry if you have an underlying medical problem or a mistake in your diet plan. Dear ladies and gentlemen, your lunch is just great, however, the things you do thereafter are troubling.

We establish several post-meal behaviours throughout time, ranging from sleeping to smoking a cigarette. What we don't recognise is that these seemingly innocuous behaviours have the potential to upset the nutritional balance of our food. These practices impede your body's nutrient absorption system. There are a few big things you should avoid doing shortly after a large meal.

1. Eating Fruits

Fresh fruits are the healthiest foods available. When ingested after meals, however, they become combined with the food and inhibit its absorption. This may create digestive issues and alter the nutritional value of the food you consume.

2. Smoking

This is one of the most harmful things you can do to your body. Tobacco use is harmful to one's health. We already know how bad smoking is for our bodies, but smoking shortly after a meal is ten times worse. Cigarettes include carcinogens, which can aggravate IBS and potentially lead to ulcerative colitis.

3. Shower

After eating, do not take a shower. When you take a shower after eating, blood rushes to the skin to adjust body temperature, which may cause digestive problems because digestion requires a lot of energy.

4. Sleep

If you enjoy taking naps after meals, it's time to stop; it's a bad habit. When you sleep after eating, the digestive juices produced by your stomach rise to the surface and induce heartburn. The entire digestive process is harmed.

5. Exercising

Exercising immediately after eating can affect your gastrointestinal process. You may also have vomiting, stomach puffiness, and diarrhoea. The only exercise recommended after a meal is vajrasana. It facilitates digestion. Aside from that, you should avoid anything.

6. Drinking Tea Or Coffee

Many of us prefer to have tea or coffee immediately following our meals. It has been discovered that it is hazardous to our health. They include certain phenolic chemicals that restrict iron absorption. As a result, they should only be ingested after an hour of eating.