Heading For A Mid-Week Drinking Binge? 8 Ways To Stay Hydrated

If you are heading out for a mid-week drinking binge, there's one thing you have to be wary of, a hangover! Alcohol dehydrates the body, which means when you start drinking, the diuretic properties of alcohol make you want to use the bathroom often and all the water and electrolytes are flushed out of your system. When this happens, the risk of an alcohol-induced hangover is too high the next morning and can mean a groggy and hazy day at work!

Staying hydrated while drinking and ensuring that you keep topping up your body's water levels takes on a whole new importance on such binge drinking evenings. So, while you might enjoy a feeling of being pleasantly tipsy, severe dehydration can make you drunk enough to either throw up or simply suffer from a hangover. Here are some ways in which you can stay hydrated while drinking alcohol without killing your buzz:

Alternate Between A Drink And Water

This is one of the easiest hacks to ensure that your body receives its required water intake when you step out for a drink. Have one alcoholic beverage and when you have downed that drink, have a full glass of filtered water. Pick up your next drink only after you finish your water so that the alcohol is diluted in the system. Have plenty of water before going out drinking as well, to begin your fun fully hydrated.

Eat A Bar Bite Or Healthy Snack

Before you step out to drink, be sure to munch on a healthy snack at home to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. While drinking too, ensure that you order a bowl of peanuts or some crunchy salad as an accompaniment. A spicy dish will do just the trick because it will make you want to reach for a glass of water, automatically keeping you hydrated.

Avoid Dark Liquors

If you want to stay a step ahead and avoid dehydration while drinking, simply avoid opting for dark liquors like whiskey or brandy which contain congeners and tannins that dehydrate you faster. Instead opt for a cocktail mixed with fruity sweetness which will also add a bit of oomph to your weekday party. Yet, if you do indulge in a spot of whiskey, follow it up with a glass of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Limit Your Drinks

Sound trick, but once a party starts, it is hard to keep count of how much you have had to drink. Alternating between water and alcohol will keep you alert enough to count your drinks. As well, drink slowly, enjoying every sip so that there are long intervals between two pegs. It takes about an hour for your body to process one drink so consume your booze at a leisurely pace.

Have Decaf Tea

A neat little trick to stay hydrated while drinking is to sip on a warm decaffeinated tea in between drinks. This is a particularly interesting beverage especially while you are having cocktails and can also act as a hydrating base. So, you can actually make a cocktail infused with lemon, ginger or peach tea, and serve it both, warm and cold.

Choose Blended Drinks

Avoid ordering drinks which contain too much sugar or artificial flavour mixes because the chemical compounds in them will work towards dehydrating your body faster, especially when they are mixed with alcohol. Instead, go for blended drinks like a margarita which contains loads and loads of ice.

Have Detox Water

If you want to beat dehydration while drinking, keep a glass of detox water by your side. This can be a simple concoction of lemon juice and water with some mint and salt that keeps up your electrolyte levels while also topping up the body's water content. Sip on a couple of glasses of detox water to stay ahead of alcohol-induced dehydration.

Avoid Carbonated Mixers

Some expert mixologists suggest that carbonated mixers like soda increase the rate of alcohol absorption in the blood making you feel dehydrated faster. Have your drinks on the rocks or mixed in water to allow for a smooth buzz. The gas in carbonated beverages can also hamper your digestion so simply enjoy your drink with a few cubes of ice.