Head To These Places To Try Some Luxury Vegetarian Fare In Kolkata
Image Credit: Wabi Sabi

Think Bengali food and most time we end up thinking fish and rice and in the same one may just imagine that there night not be any vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata.  But unlike the popular thought the city sees end number of veg places that that too pretty creative ones. From great boa’s to dimsums to sushi to modern Indian food you have it all under veg umbrella here and rest assured you wont be disappointed.

So when in the city indulge in these vegetarian places that will change your perception. 

Dunkel Braun

Dunkel Braun, which means ‘dark brown’ in German, offers glimpses of live baking for their patrons. Experience the freshness of baked goodies and taste the savoury delights only at Dunkel Braun. Operating both as a bakery and a cafe, where every crumb is a masterpiece. They not only create sweet memories but also give diners the savoury vegetarian choices which are a delight to the senses. The place is equipped with the Italian-make Salva Boutique Oven, which provides a smart customisable option to accommodate all the needs of an active bakery. 

Sesame tikki's

 Vegetarian Restaurant and Bar, Williams Kitchen, owned by Mayyank Dhanuka , is winning hearts over with its Asian and Indian Delectable. Spread over 5,000 square ft with a seating capacity of 125-130, the space can be divided into three main sections. At the entrance, lies a small fountain section giving a subtle modernistic atmosphere surrounded by wooden sidewalls and glass pieces. A 40-seater lounge provides a premium look and is apt for hosting events or family gatherings. The restaurant’s main hall gives contemporary vibes with buffet as well as live cooking sections. The restaurant giving a youthful and energetic atmosphere, feels scintillating, offering regal dishes. The handcrafted paintings embellish the place adding a touch of elegance to it. A perfect restaurant for relishing the night with invigorating drinks and cuisines, Williams Kitchen’s popular dishes are Dan Dan Noodles with a blend of spicy flavours, appetising Dum Biryani, Vada Pav Baskets, succulent Caramel Apple Pie and Lavender Lemon Spritzer. 

Cost for two: INR 1600 plus taxes
Address: Shakespeare Point, 40, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Elgin, 700017
Timings : 12–11pm