Have You Tried These Different Types Of Oranges?
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The simplest thing to grab when you're in the mood for a zesty snack is a fresh orange. There is an orange out there for everyone, whether you prefer a sweet, juicy bite or a tart flavour that will make your lips pucker. The nicest part about this colourful fruit family is that each member comes in a carry-on-sized container.

Therefore, be sure to familiarise yourself with the various orange options that are available to you and what makes each one so special before you add oranges to your next grocery list. Here is everything you need to know about the common citrus varietals to become an expert in oranges.

Mandarin orange

The smallest orange kind is mandarin orange. Mandarins are a common snack because they have a delicate skin that is simple to peel and are almost seedless. Mandarins are the oranges you typically see in syrup-filled cans.

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The most popular type of orange consumed by consumers is the navel orange. They can be identified by the fruit's tiny navel-shaped hole at the top. These oranges are the ideal snacking orange to eat out of hand because they are sweet and seedless.


Tangerines are little oranges with vivid colours. They are easier to peel and eat out of hand than other oranges since their peels are a little bit looser. Tangerines and their juice are both highly sweet. As a result, some individuals like tangerine juice over conventional orange juice. Although most tangerines have seeds, it's possible to acquire seedless variants as well.


Given that clementines are among the smaller varieties of oranges, they make a delicious snack, especially for kids. They feature a tight, thin, and easily peeled spherical skin that is nearly entirely seedless.

Blood orange

A blood orange may appear ordinary from the surface, but as soon as you cut into one of these beauties, you will notice the difference. The flesh of the blood orange has a rich shade of crimson, and it has a complex flavour. It has a flavour that is similar to a sweet navel orange, but it also has a tinge of tartness and floral notes.