Have You Tried These 5 Unusual Ice Cream Flavours Yet?
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Hold your horses if you've been thinking of ice cream merely as a dessert. Most likely, you haven't given it much thought yet. Ice cream is an emotion that everyone can relate to. Ice cream is one of those treats that finds its way into people's hearts as well as their souls. Just think back to all the things that ice cream has caused us to do throughout our lives. From doing well in our school admissions interview to studying really hard in our pursuit of the frozen reward, from gobbling up dishes spread out in a buffet just to get to the ice cream counter as soon as possible to greedily requesting ice cream parties from our friends and colleagues on their achievements. Heaven has appeared on a stick, in a cup, on a dish, and atop a cone. On this planet, it's dubbed ice cream! Will you ever again claim that you haven't seen or tasted heaven?

However, you are yet to experience some of the most exotic ice cream flavours.

Fish and Chip Flavoured Ice Cream

This one's name alone is enough to tell us it's of  English origin. As a tribute to Great Britain's favourite national meal, the Fredericks Dairies ice cream company in the United Kingdom is offering this extremely special flavour. The Fish and Chip flavour consists of creamed fish fillet ice cream surrounded with vanilla and pepper batter, giving it a taste of the British seaside in a single swallow. It's served with potato ice cream chips, salt and vinegar seasoning and lemon slices. It's both strange and true.

Curry-Flavoured Ice Cream

Vosges Haut-Chocolat is well-known in the United States for its delectable and exotic chocolates. Along with odd chocolate flavours like bacon bars, cold truffles, cheese and chocolate and more, one of their very strange ice cream flavours, Indian curry-flavoured ice cream, will really surprise you. It tastes just like a delicate curry with a hint of fresh coconut, as the Naga tribes would prepare it at home.

Smoked Salmon Ice Cream

Mister Artisan Ice Cream in Vancouver, British Columbia, is noted for its handcrafted liquid nitrogen ice cream delicacies. The savoury smoked salmon ice cream sandwich was introduced in 2017 and it was a breakthrough creation of yet another strange ice cream flavour. It was a limited-edition dessert created to commemorate Canada's 150th birthday and it was only available for two days. Smoked wild British Columbia salmon is combined into a base of milk and cream cheese and placed between two cracker crumb wafers for the smoked salmon ice cream.

Honey Jalapeno Pickle Ice Cream

Sweet Action Ice Cream Parlour in Denver, Colorado, is once again credited with developing one of the strangest ice cream flavours, goat cheese beet swirl. While pickles and ice cream are the de facto poster foods for pregnancy cravings, this flavour is particularly popular among expecting women. This ice cream is wonderful, despite its unusual appearance. It's one ice cream that, although only being available once a year during the summer, sells like hotcakes.

Lobster Ice Cream

If this has piqued your interest, it has done so correctly. Buttery lobsters and buttery vanilla combine in this ice cream. This bizarre combination was created by Ben and Billy's Chocolate Emporium in Maine, USA, and is being served there ever since 1988. The shop lies in Bar Harbour, a little island community that is home to the stunning Acadia National Park. As a result, the ice cream is very popular among tourists and adventure seekers that visit the area.

So, this list should have sufficed to give you a sense of the endless flavour combinations that our favourite dessert can take on. Ice cream may be as bizarre as you want it to be. We go to great lengths to lick the last scoop of our favourite flavour.