Have You Tried Paal Bun? Tamil Nadu’s Own Version Of Doughnut
Image Credit: Source: akshadasrecipe/Insatgram

Looking at the cuisines around the world, it is evident almost all culinary trails have a signature bread of their own. From the Italian Focaccia to the Indian rotis and parathas, breads are an essential part of every cuisine. However, when it comes to Indian cuisine, we have myriad options. From the North Indian paratha to the Marathi Puran Poli, the country zings with a vast array of bread varieties. 

Apart from the common types, every lane and street of the country has a unique bread. On today’s culinary ride on the bread map of India, we are asking you to Tamil Nadu to introduce you to a melt-in-mouth and decadent delicacy that the state treasures. Read on to know more.

Paal bun or milk bun is a soft, buttery and delicious bun variety that is native to the small town of Dindigul, called Gopalpatti. Being sold for around 40 years in numerous tea stalls in the town, Paal bun is a delight that the locals treasure with all their heart. Although the locals have numerous tales regarding its origin, most of them believe that a master came to the town and introduced the dish. Till then, the locals have treasured the delicacy as their own.

The buns are made exclusively by the local halwais. According to them, maida, soda bi-carbonate and yoghurt are mixed and left to ferment for at least 30 minutes. After that, they are deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup. These spongy and delicious buns are then sold for rupees 2-4 at various tea stalls in the town.

If you have ever visited the town of Gopalpatti, you must have seen huge aluminium trays filled with golden brown buns tempting enough to make you grab a bite. If you have missed out on these delicious spongy delights on your previous trip, then don’t forget to try them at home. And now that you know about them, don’t forget to try these delicious buns on your next trip.