Have You Tried Macchiato Coffee? Know What It Is
Image Credit: Macchiato Coffee

Even if your neighbourhood coffee shop is well-known, it can be daunting to read the menu. You must first choose the type of coffee drink you want before you can even consider the various milk options or pick whether to define your drink's size in ounces or Italian. Lattes, cappuccinos, cortados, etc. It may be required to use a dictionary (and translator) to read the menus in coffee shops. It's challenging to understand exactly what each coffee is and how it differs from one another given the wide range of coffee varietals that are currently easily available to us. The macchiato is less well known than the famous cappuccino or espresso. So, what precisely is a macchiato? We define a macchiato, describe its varieties, and highlight how it differs from other coffees. Take this as your guidance if you've ever wondered what a macchiato is. 

What is Macchiato?

The word macchiato means ‘marked’ or ‘stained’ in Italian, denoting a stained or marked cup of coffee. In order to preserve the flavour of the espresso, the macchiato is an espresso coffee beverage with a thin layer of foamed or steamed milk on top. 

In order to let the flavour of the espresso still be detectable, the macchiato is an espresso coffee beverage with a small amount of foamed or steamed milk on top. If you want the flavour of a cappuccino but dislike the harshness of espresso, a macchiato is the perfect alternative. 


The term macchiato had its start when baristas had to explain to customers how an espresso shot differed from an espresso with a splash of milk. The latter was swiftly given its name to emphasize the addition since the addition of milk ‘marks’ or ‘stains’ it. The macchiato is the ideal afternoon brew, as opposed to the cappuccino, which was designed just for that morning coffee. Espresso and latte macchiatos are the two primary varieties of macchiato coffee. 

Espresso Macchiato: The "stain" of the original macchiato is a shot of espresso that has been slightly diluted with 1-2 teaspoons of steaming milk. The espresso macchiato has the highest espresso to milk ratio, and because milk is used as a supplementary ingredient, the espresso still dominates the flavour profile. 

Latte Macchiato: A sweeter, multi-layered espresso drink is the latte macchiato. It is produced by mixing steamed milk with a shot or half shot of espresso, then topping it with a layer of milk foam. A latte macchiato is served in a long glass as opposed to an espresso macchiato, which is served in a short glass. 

How to Order? 

Knowing what a macchiato contains, how do you order one at a café and guarantee you get what you ordered? No additional instructions are required when ordering a macchiato if you like the classic version that has only espresso and a thin layer of foamed milk on top. (Unless you wish to specify which kind of milk you want. A One and One might be requested if you wish to attempt something a little unusual. A double shot of espresso split between two demitasses (a small coffee cup used to serve espresso) is a specialty that not every coffee establishment can offer. The first of those is consumed as is, and the second is transformed into a macchiato. The first of those is consumed as is, and the second is transformed into a macchiato. Comparing espresso with and without milk is a lot of fun.