Have You Seen The Trending Video Of Manufacturing Potato Chips In A Factory?
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of viral video/YouTube

Snacking is a common habit, although health professionals usually warn of its ill effects. This aversion to snacking comes from the fact that most of the food that we munch on is loaded with carbs and sugar and doesn’t contain anything nutritious. Take India for instance. We love our bhujias and namkeens with a cup of tea in the evenings as well as in between meals. Crispy and deep-fried, these snacks are so delicious that it becomes difficult to stop at one. This reminds us of another snack that is somewhat universal, potato chips. For the unversed, potato chips are thin, sliced potatoes that are deep-fried to acquire a crunchy texture and seasoned with salt.  

With the global food brands available worldwide, we’ve got plenty of options when it comes to potato chips. Flavours of garlic, onion, chillies and even tomatoes are used to season the packaged potato chips. These are relished by kids and adults alike. However, have you ever seen how these potato chips finally arrive in that plastic packet that you purchase from your local stores? Here’s a video that shows you the step by step process of manufacturing these chips. 

         Source: Foodie Incarnate/YouTube

The long procedure of making potato chips is eased in the factory with the help of an automated system. It begins with throwing in large quantities of potatoes in the outlet of the machine. From there on, the automated system does the job. The potatoes are peeled, then they move ahead to be washed thoroughly. Each batch is checked by the workers by testing a few potatoes. These are then sent through a series on conveyor belts where the potatoes are washed again, sliced into thin pieces, rinsed, fried and rolled over to give it the required shape and curve. Finally, the chips are tossed in some flour and then what we see at the end are a large number of potato chips arriving in colourful packets to be loaded in cartons for shipping.  

The video has been shared by a food blogger called @foodincarnate on his YouTube channel as well as a reel on his Instagram handle. It has managed to garner close to 800k views on the former and 400k likes on the latter. Wait a second, do you have any idea how your favourite potato chips were invented? The story that is circulated the most states that a New York chef can be credited with the creation of this heavenly snack in the year 1853. George Crum accidentally chanced upon potato chips when Cornelius Vanderbilt wasn’t satisfied with the thick potato fries that were served to him. That’s when Crum churned his creative energies into creating thin, fried slices of potatoes known as potato chips today.  

Although there have been contentions around the authenticity of this tale, the fact that we have the potato chips with us today is more than enough for the avid munchers. In addition to the classic potato chips, if you feel like experimenting then you can try some of our quick and easy variations.  

1.   Jalapeno Lime Potato Chips  

Instead of the basic salty chips, how about we give them a slightly tangy makeover? Jalapenos are minced along with cumin and garlic cloves to be mixed with the chips. Add to that a dash of lime juice and give your potato chips a new lease of life. These will taste sour and tangy, making you twitch your eyes with every bite. 

2.   Baked Barbeque Sweet Potato Chips  

Baked yet crispy, these potato chips can actually be a healthier take on the otherwise carb-loaded crisps. Potatoes are substituted by sweet potatoes and baked to perfection. These are then baked and finally, seasoned with some barbeque spices, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder. Toss them in some brown sugar and you are good to go.  

3.   Cheesy Potato Chips  

Are you in for a cheesy treat? Grate some cheese on your deep-fried and crispy potatoes. Sprinkle some oregano and chilli flakes and bake them quickly. Bite in and enjoy.