Have You Explored This Mini Arab In Delhi?
Image Credit: Platter from Nooshe Joon

Delhi is a perfect example of a city that has been melting pot of different cultures, people and of course the food. When we talk of food, just ask for it and you shall get all flavors, cuisines and variety in the city. One such locality which boast of Afghan flavours in Lajpat Nagar. Tucked in one of city’s busiest localities Lajpat Nagar lies few small little establishments that’s famous for Afghani food. Often refereed as Little Kabul". 

As you walk down the bylanes of this Little Afghan, you will happen to spot number of eateries and even hawkers selling food items. All these people here happen to be Afghan refugee who have been living with their families here. From freshly done Mutton simmers to fresh afghani breads and the local naanwais and street bakers, just hustle up that area. 

With most eateries offering all of Afghan fare, there is no dearth of options. Be it the quintessential rajma, black beans curry, chickpea pulao, bolani, or stuffed flatbread, sheek tuj kebabs, roghani and lavasa and more, it’s the Pashtun lamb skewers that are a must try. These meat skewers that are roasted traditional Afghan chulha (As one one would call in a layman language), the mantu- a type of dumpling is equally famous here. This one sees a great mix of flavours from the Afghan cuisine. Apart from Darbar, another gem in the area is Nooshe Joon, that sees a much well-done space lambs, large windows and so on. Mostly known for its naans, Kormas and kebabs. Their Kazaan Kebab,( meat chops, served with kachumber salad) and the Uzbeki Pulao that are spiked with spices mostly saffron is surely a must try. 

Unlike the popular belief that there won’t be much vegetarian options available, it might just surprise you that there are ample options. Be it the Kabuli-style rajma and borani banjan, or the pulao along with the aubergine served with yogurt each dish is an absolute reflection of Afghani flavours. 

Moving ahead next door is Mazaar restaurant will very uniquely sees a dastarkhan style seating which is also seem at homes of these families. This floor style seating of all together is pretty eye cacthy. The Kabuli pulao that’s loaded with meat pieces as while the rice is saffron loaded which makes it pretty desirable. 

So with lockdown lifted next time you visit here do hope in one one of these restaurant and try from this list of dishes be it the Afghani soup , Afghani naan, Alfam - chicken preparation, Mutton tikka, chicken tikka, Dajaj Mashawi( whole roasted Chiclken), Kabuli Pulao, Uzbeki, Rajma, Mantu, and more. Also, if you love fresh Afghani breads then don’t miss to pick few from the street vendors, they are absolutely fresh.