Have Aquafaba or Chickpea Water For These Lesser-Known Reasons
Image Credit: Aquafaba or chickpea water (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/thebrown.table)

Ever heard of aquafaba? This complex name refers to leftover chickpea water. When you boil the chickpeas or soak them for some time, the strained liquid that you get and think is waste is actually nutritious and is known as aquafaba. It is considered a vegan alternative to egg whites used in making mayonnaise. So, those who are allergic to eggs can use chickpea water for preparing meringue. You can actually use this water in various dishes instead of adding plain water for the gravy. Aquafaba will not just add its nutritional richness to the dish but also enhance its taste. Chickpea water or aquafaba contains a balanced amount of protein and starch. Below is a list of some health benefits of chickpea water or aquafaba that you cannot ignore.

Good For People With Phenylketonuria

For unversed, phenylketonuria is a rare genetic disorder that occurs when an amino acid called phenylalanine gets accumulated in your body. This happens due to a defect in the gene that is responsible for producing enzymes required to break down this amino acid. It is characterized by brain damage and intellectual disability. For patients with this disease, consumption of food items low in protein is recommended. That's why, chickpea water, being low in protein is apt for them.

Offers a Dose of Nutrients

By consuming chickpea water, you get trace amounts of nutrients including iron, phosphorus, B vitamins, healthy fats like oleic acids, linoleic acid, and folate.

Perfect Substitute to Eggs in Baking Food

Eggs fall in the group of top allergy-causing foods in children. Its symptoms can range from mild to severe. Children who are allergic to eggs can develop skin rashes, hives, experience vomiting, and other digestive issues. If your child is allergic to eggs and you are looking for a healthy substitute, you can go for aquafaba.