Have A Very Vegan Valentine's Day
Image Credit: Here’s some ideas for going absolutely vegan this V-day. Image: Instagram @atomicvegans

Love is a universal feeling and can be felt for anyone or anything at any place. So why to restrict Valentine’s day to only mushy love celebrations? Instead, let us go vegan this Valentine’s Day and show our animal friends that we care for them too. Here’s some ideas for going absolutely vegan this V-day.

A Vegan Breakfast 

Kick start the day with a complete Vegan Breakfast with mouth-watering crispy toast topped with honey or crispy veggies. Make a dessert of some soft vanilla pancakes and drizzle some hot chocolate sauce and serve with vanilla or strawberry ice cream- a sweet start to your day of love. Veganism is a way of consciousness and for couples practicing the same, even a special day needs dome vegan planning to it.

Deck up the Vegan Way

Look gorgeous in a silk dress paired with a cloth tote, sans any leather items. There is no dearth of jewellery shops online today that sell organic, hand-made jewellery. Whether you want to go the terracotta way or beautiful sets with beads and stones, these are a great way to adorn yourself on this special day. And to add to your aura, indulge in some sinful vegan perfumes that is sure to bowl your Love over once again.

Plan a Vegan Date

Are you both animal lovers? How about taking a trip to an animal farm to show your love and care to these creatures on earth who know just how to shower unconditional affection? You could even do your bit towards these delightful companions by donating or adopting a pup or kitten if you have been contemplating of doing so. Or if you have planned a day out at the beach, how about sipping some hot coffee from a reusable cup as you watch the dusk set in behind the blue horizon?

Vegan Gift Ideas

Dump the wallet or jacket this V Day to go absolutely the Vegan way for your gifting purpose. Instead pamper your beloved with a box of cookies and chocolates, cotton shirts or tops and home-made decorative pieces. If you are good at art, you may even make something creative like a bottle painting or a pot painting and spruce it with a bunch of flowers to express your love.

Summing Up

So make this Valentine’s Day a unique and more special one by extoling your love not only for the Love of your life but also for your furry friends who deserve your love as well.