Harry Styles Fan? Make 5 Themed Desserts For A Karaoke Party

Harry Styles is not merely a singer; he is an embodiment of a pop icon who reflects kindness. Be it his heartfelt gestures for his audience at his concerts or being candidly himself in interviews, there are a lot many reasons for fans to “Adore” Harry Styles. If you are a fellow Harry Styles fan, why don’t you have a karaoke party with themed desserts?

The best way to celebrate a pop star is to celebrate them, their songs, and the lyrics that you have by heart with a themed karaoke party. While house parties were held last season, to make your evening memorable, give your party a Style! Here are some ideas for making themed desserts at your fandom party.

Watermelon Sugar Cookies

The Harry Styles song that made it to the top charts and, of course, Instagram reels is none other than Watermelon Sugar. To celebrate your favourite artist’s success, make watermelon sugar cookies! Instead of baking circular cookies, cut them into semicircles with a red food gel colouring mixed in the dough. You can then decorate the cookies with a green fondant and chocolate chips to make them look like a watermelon slice.

Kindness Cupcakes

If there is one thing Harry Styles preaches, it is kindness. While singing his songs, why don’t you enjoy the moment with freshly baked vanilla cupcakes? You can even decorate them with different colours of icing to make the room glow and symbolise acceptance of one and all. To make them more indulgent, you can also add chocolate chips, sprinkles, and edible glitter.

Fine Line Rainbow Cake

Your themed karaoke party will be incomplete without celebrating the album “Fine Line.” Its essence can be perfectly captured with a rainbow cake. Baked in batches of different colours, you can stack moist cakes on top of each other using buttercream. Finally, you can decorate with rainbow-coloured sprinkles and celebrate.

Kiwi Sorbet

Only true fans can recall Harry Style’s debut album and the song that won hearts, “Kiwi.” If you’re one of them, this is your sign to make kiwi sorbet. Being a dairy-free and vegan-friendly dessert option, kiwi sorbet will be the safest option that everyone can enjoy. Plus, all you need to make kiwi sorbet is fresh kiwis, sugar, and lemon juice.

Adore You Eclairs

If you are a Harry Styles fan and a hopeless romantic, the song “Adore You” must have stuck with you. To celebrate it, you can make an elegant pastry, eclairs with a vanilla custard filling topped with a shiny chocolate glaze. If you are celebrating with a partner, you can also write “Adore You” using icing and make the most of the themed dessert.