Another name that has been etched in history now with her remarkable talent and personality, Harnaaz Sandhu has made the country proud after she was crowned as Miss Universe last year. The 22-year old model from Punjab has won several beauty pageants in the past and finally, managed to bag the prestigious crown too. She recently walked at the Lakme Fashion week for designers, Shivan and Naresh as their showstopper and turned heads with her burnt orange gown. While she looked stunning on the ramp, it is her sweet indulgence that got us carried away. 

During her stay at a luxury hotel in Delhi, Harnaaz has received a lot of love from the fans and the industry. The hotel welcomed her with a plate full of sweet meats and we are drooling over it. She shared a glimpse of it on her Instagram stories. From tarts and pies to sweet dumplings and more, she also has some glasses of what looks like delicious soufflé on the side. While we are really waiting to dig into it right away, here is what it looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Harnaaz Sandhu

 Aren’t you tempted too? Here are some soufflé recipes that you can try at home. 

1.  Lemon Soufflé 

The perfect summer treat that one could ask for are lemon soufflés. The soft and spongy soufflé infused with a zesty and tangy flavour of lemon makes it all the more appetizing. It is light and easy to make too. 

2.  No Bake Mango Soufflé 

Made from the fresh mango pulp, this soufflé is an airy delight. Although it involves no baking, it can still turn out be fluffy and super smooth. Milk cream and eggs thicken the soufflé while a garnish of chopped pistachios and green cardamom gives it a slight crunch that it needs. 

3.  Raspberry Soufflé 

Not only do raspberries lend a beautiful colour to the dessert, they also give it a natural tartness that is just unmatched. Made with frozen raspberries, the sweetness is added through honey and maple sugar. Dust it off with some powdered sugar in the end and you are good to go. 

4.  Green Tea Soufflé 

The flavours of green tea might sound unusual in a soufflé first but trust us, they work wonders. The matcha infused soufflé is bright green in colour and could be a healthier version of this dessert too.