4 Harmful Honey Combinations You Should Avoid
Image Credit: Harmful Honey Combinations

Honey is considered a healthy ingredient that is used in almost every household. Many people consume it with lukewarm water to stay slim and add it to many Ayurvedic home remedies to ward off infections too. But wait, are you aware of these honey combinations that could be harmful? Honey cannot be consumed with anything and everything. Certain food items act as a poison if eaten with honey. Dr Divya of Swami Parmanand Naturopathy (SPPC) Yoga Research Center says honey should never be consumed with hot water, ghee, fish etc. Do you know why? Let us know about all these things in detail below. 

Honey with hot water and milk

Honey is hot by nature; hence it should never be mixed with warm items. Dr Divya states that. "eating honey with hot items exhausts its nutrients causing harm to the body. Some of you drink hot water or hot milk mixed with honey but avoid this as it might hurt you." Do you know that honey should also not be taken with hot coffee and tea?

Honey with fish and meat

Honey should never be consumed with non-vegetarian items, especially fish and meat. Nor should honey be eaten one hour before and one hour after eating these things. Consuming honey with meat and fish is considered harmful for health since this can lead to white spots and other stomach-related problems.

Never consume honey with ghee 

Honey should never be eaten with ghee. This is because the nutrients of ghee and honey cross each other, and eating these two together may cause stomachache and headache. 

Honey is harmful with sugar

Do you know that eating honey with sugar acts like poison? So never mix it with sugar; if you have honey, do not eat sugar for at least the next one hour.

As per Dr Divya of Swami Parmanand Naturopathy (SPPC) Yoga Research Center, honey should never be eaten with all the above things. Apart from this, while eating honey, keep in mind that it should not be consumed in excess. Eating two spoons of honey a day is enough.