Happy Birthday SRK: The Dunki Actor's Evergreen Diet
Image Credit: Tandoori or grilled chicken is SRK's favourite

It is megastar SRK's birthday, and the actor is at the peak of his stardom. At the age of 58, Shah Rukh Khan has given Bollywood two of its biggest hits ever this year, Jawan and Pathaan. He has not only redefined what a Bollywood hero means but his next movie with Raj Kumar Hirani, titled Dunki, also seems promising and will establish him as a multi-talented actor as well. 

While his box office collection and acting performances have been a talking point, SRK’s fitness and envious physique also took centre-stage this year. Whether it was the ripped body for Pathaan or playing a 30 something as well as his father in Jawan, King Khan looks like a million bucks every time he appears on-screen. And the secret behind that? His diet and discipline! So, on the occasion of his birthday, here are things that SRK includes in his diet and loves to eat. 

Two Meals A Day

There is a lot of noise about having 5-6 small meals a day as that is considered healthier, but superstar SRK only eats twice a day. He is a workaholic and remains busy. The only two meals he has are lunch and dinner. He has also maintained that he is not into any kind of diet. He once said,” If I am at a friend’s house and they offer biryani, paratha or lassi, I have it." He is also a decent cook and wife Gauri Khan attests to that as well!

Frugal Lifestyle

While the actor doesn't believe in very strict diets, he also believes in simple living. He does not eat a lot and doesn't even have a lot of variety in his single meals. Roti with one sabji and dal is enough for King Khan. He enjoys his occasional biryani and tandoori chicken treats, but the portion size is never too much. Here is his trainer talking about SRK's diet and fitness.

Recipe - Bollywood Hungama

Coffee Lover

SRK loves his coffee and tends to have over 25 cups a day! The actor prefers black coffee and accepts that he needs the beverage to function and work efficiently. He said in an interview to a leading news site that he only drinks espresso and likes to mix his own coffee. He carries his own coffee machine wherever he travels.

Mindful Eating

SRK believes that we should never stuff our faces with food. He once said in a press conference that there should still be some space in the stomach after eating a full meal. For that, he also recommends sitting on the floor and eating your meal. He eats simple food and mostly includes broccoli, grilled chicken and sprouts in his meals.

Cheat Meal

One of SRK’s favourite foods is bread pakora. He used to enjoy eating it from his college canteen during his Delhi University days. He also loves tandoori chicken, specially made at home. Delhi boy at heart, Chole Bhature is also one of his favourite treats, especially from Bengali Market in the capital city.

We wish our favourite superstar a very happy birthday and hope that he continues to give us joy through his films. And he continues to give himself joy by eating all of his favourite foods!