6 Interesting Ways To Include Beetroot In Your Diet
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The highly valued root vegetable, beetroot, also known as beet, is a wonderful superfood packed with essential nutrients that are important for optimum health. Not only that, its amazing red-crimson colour is pleasing to the eye and is also sometimes used as a colouring agent for different dishes. Its tangy flavour with a hint of sweetness is enjoyed by many.

Many people have now started to incorporate this veggie into their diets, and if you want to do the same, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading for the best ways to add beetroot to your diet.

Beetroot Juice

One of the most common ways you can add beets to your diet is by simply juicing them. This method requires little to no effort, but you still get a healthy elixir you can enjoy anytime you want during the day. You can add other veggies, such as carrots and tomatoes, to add different flavours while boosting its nutritional profile. Simply take the veggies, cut them into pieces, and put them in a juicer. Blend it and strain the mixture. Add some chaat masala or salt if you want to enhance its flavour.

Beetroot Paratha

Parathas are one of the most beloved Indian dishes of all time, and they are often enjoyed for breakfast with a dollop of yoghurt, any type of pickle, or chutney. But here, your regular paratha is given a makeover with this amazing beetroot twist.

All you have to do to make this beetroot paratha is add some grated beetroot to your wheat flour along with the spices and herbs that you prefer, like you would for a regular paratha. The beetroot will not only boost the nutritional profile of the paratha but will also provide a distinct yet pleasing red colour to the paratha.

Beetroot Salad

Grating it in a salad or cutting it into little pieces can provide a crunchy texture and vibrant colour to your salads. It will not only make the salad taste better, but it will also turn your monotonous mix into a fascinating one. To prepare a healthy salad, combine leafy greens, maize, beets, and other tasty vegetables of your choice.

Beetroot Soup

Warm, delicious, and comforting. This is the best way to describe this soup. Perfect for chilly winter nights, this soup takes very little effort and time, and you'll have a hearty dinner soup for you to relish.

Saute the onions and garlic paste in ghee, add the chopped beetroots, add water, and cover the pan with a lid. The beets will get soft and mix with the water.

Beetroot Raita

This pleasant-looking raita would be a great change to your regular yoghurt and cucumber raita. The red colour from beetroot looks gorgeous to the eyes in this raita.

It is very simple to make. In your bowl of curd, add grated beets along with the spices and herbs you love with raita, and you are done. Really simple, isn't it?

Beetroot Halwa

Move over gajar halwa; this halwa will become your next favourite. Garnished with nuts, cardamom, and seeds, this halwa will be a perfect addition to the upcoming festive season.

This halwa is prepared by slow-cooking the grated beets in milk with sugar and ghee to create a delicious dessert that you and your family will definitely love.