Halloween 2022: 4 Cocktail Recipes For A Spooky Affair
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

The festive cheer is in the air, as we keep ticking off each festival with utmost enthusiasm. Within no time, it is the Halloween season, and we can’t help but think of creative ways to spread the scare (read: cheer), isn’t it? soon. Halloween falls on October 31, every year. Halloween had its origins in the festival of Samhain among the Celts of ancient Britain and Ireland, as they marked November 1 as the beginning of the new year, on contemporary calendars. That date was considered the beginning of the winter period, the date on which the herds were returned from pasture and land tenures were renewed. During the Samhain festival the souls of those who had died were believed to return to visit their homes, and those who had died during the year were believed to journey to the otherworld. To mark the day, people set bonfires on hilltops for relighting their hearth fires for the winter and to frighten away evil spirits, and they sometimes wore masks and other disguises to avoid being recognized by the ghosts thought to be present. It was in those ways that beings such as witches, hobgoblins, fairies, and demons came to be associated with the day.  

Nowadays, preps for Halloween starts well in advance as people in the western countries including USA, Canada, and the UK, decorate their homes with spooky creatures, pick out-of-the-box costumes, and try to put their best foot forward during this time of the year. The popularity has spread to parts of India as well, where people organise Halloween costume parties as well. From eerie music to a weird-looking food spread, the Halloween get-togethers are all things fun.  

If you are the one planning a party this Halloween, then we have something special waiting for you. Here are some amazing cocktail recipes that you can have on your bar menu to kickstart the spooky affair. These cocktails straight from the bar of Glocal Junction have been especially curated for Halloween with Bacardi and are sure to elevate your party experience. 

1. Ghost Eyes 

White rum, lychee juice, ginger ale, Blue Curacao - the spirits are always watching 


  • 60 ml white rum 
  • 75 ml lychee Juice 
  • Ginger Ale to top up 
  • 10 ml Blue Curacao syrup 
  • Glassware: Highball 


  • Build ingredients over ice and slowly pour blue curacao over the top.
  • Garnish with 2 lychees stuffed with black olives. 

2. Bloody Zombie 

White rum, orange and pineapple juice, grenadine - will make you walk like a Zombie. 


  • 60 ml white rum 
  • 40 ml orange juice 
  • 40 ml pineapple juice 
  • 10 ml lime juice 
  • 10 ml grenadine syrup 
  • Glassware: Hurricane/Highball 


  • Build up over ice. Add Grenadine in a pipette/dropper, and guest can press it to add into the drink. 
  • Garnish with an orange wedge with cherries on a cocktail stick. 
  • Add grenadine to pipette/dropper and place on top of glass for guest to add into drink.


3. Grave Digger 

White rum, coffee, cream and crumbled cookies, enough to make you feel 6-feet under. 


  • 16 ml white rum 
  • 45 ml black coffee 
  • 15 ml sugar syrup 
  • 25 ml fresh cream 
  • Glassware: Old Fashioned 


  • Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain over fresh ice in glass. Sprinkle Oreo cookies on one side of the glass with skull prop. 
  • Garnishing: Oreo cookies to be added on one side of glass with skull prop over oreos.
  • You can blend cookies in a dry blender and store in jar. Use as required. 

4. Witch’s Cauldron (Shooter) 

White rum, cranberry juice, peach syrup - stirred slowly in the witch's brew, and serves two! 


  • 50 ml white rum 
  • 10 ml peach syrup 
  • 40 ml cranberry juice 
  • 10 ml lime juice 
  • Glassware: Pumpkin Props 


  • Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into 2 pumpkin props and serve as shooters. 
  • Serve in 2 pumpkin props as shooters.