5 Habits You Must Adopt For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen
Image Credit: Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Do you know the way to your health goes through your kitchen? Not only is the food cooked, but the longevity of the entire family is also decided in the kitchen. But balancing health and taste is an arduous task! However, you can make this difficult task easy on one by making your kitchen eco-friendly. Here are some tips to follow. 

Keep these tools clean

Don't be careless with the cleanliness of electrical items. For example, if you want to bake bread in the toaster or make a sandwich, keep the toaster clean by wiping it with a soft cloth. If you use a mixer or a hand blender, immediately clean it with liquid soap. 

Don't turn on all the lights

Do not turn on all the lights when you are sitting at the dining table to eat. Instead, use only one light and have a candlelight dinner sometime. This will save electricity and will protect you from observing electric temperature. 

Use the right utensils

Use the proper utensils to keep the kitchen eco-friendly. According to health experts, dirty mixers cause stomach diseases. Do you know why? Because their dirt immediately breeds bacteria which resides even after washing. 

Must install exhaust fan 

Make sure to install an exhaust fan as it removes all the heat from the kitchen. It even brings out the humidity of the room if used with the right kitchen lights. 

Electric appliances

We can find several electrical appliances in a kitchen, including a fridge, mixer grinder etc. But only a few people know that even maintaining these things sometimes harms health. If you have kept something like a microwave, coffee maker, toaster, etc., your health may suffer. Follow these tips so that the radiation does not harm your health.

  1. The refrigerator should not be opened repeatedly because the gas released from the fridge affects health.
  2. Use a microwave instead of a convection oven for cooking or heating. 
  3. Never use plastic utensils to heat food in the microwave.

Start following all these tips and stay healthy. This will also save electricity along with other electric goods.