BEWARE! These 5 Habits Can Damage Your Kitchen Appliances
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The kitchen is my most favoured place in the house. Do you know why? I am responsible for cleaning and grooming the kitchen and essentially taking care of kitchen appliances. Do you know why? So that they can work properly for a long time without spoiling your house's budget. But unfortunately, some of your habits might quickly damage your kitchen appliances. So let us know more about them.

Dirty oven

Microwaves, OTG, or gas ovens need regular cleaning, mainly when you use them for cooking foods such as popcorn or cakes. Oil and food particles can fly off in all directions and stick themselves to the inside walls of the microwave. Failure to clean these tools from time to time reduces the efficiency of your equipment. However, the icy build-up can also damage the heating coil. Therefore, after using the microwave, always clean it thoroughly using a soft cloth or sponge dampened with mild dishwashing liquid or water mixed with vinegar. With this, your microwave or oven will work appropriately for a long time.

Sharp items in the dishwasher

While using the dishwasher in a hurry, we often put sharp objects like knives or forks inside it, causing dings in the rack. Avoid putting such things; however, if you want to wash knives in the dishwasher, place them in a basket of cutlets with the ends pointing down, avoiding dinging the rack. Any nicks in the rack's vinyl coating will rust and leave rust stains on your utensils until you replace them. Therefore, prevent damage by avoiding placing knives, forks, and other sharp objects in your dishwasher.

Overfilling the freezer and fridge

Generally, a full freezer works more efficiently than an empty freezer. But one thing to note is that overfilling the freezer can also block the air vents, restricting the flow of cold air, overtaking your refrigerator's condenser and causing the fridge to burn out. Likewise, with the refrigerator, avoid filling it too much. Instead, ensure that you store items in an organized manner and regularly remove perishable items from time to time.

Are you using soap to clean the burner?

Generally, we use soap and scrubber to clean the burner of a gas stove, while doing so is wrong. Avoid washing your gas range burners with soap as it may rust them. It can also clog light holes, which can cause your burner to flame slowly. For cleaning the burner, read its manual and follow the instructions for cleaning. Always use only a damp cloth to clean the burner.

Mixer overflow

In haste, we over-fill material in the mixer, causing the lid of the overflowed mixer to become loose. Unfortunately, it also causes the material to fall out of the mixer, letting the water enter its machinery and spoiling it quickly. Are you often doing this in a hurry? Then change this habit today and keep cleaning the mixer well in between.

If you also follow the above practices in haste, change them soon so that your kitchen appliances will work well for a long time.

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