Gwalior’s ‘Spiciest Golgappa’ Shocks Netizens

“Golgappa sirf khane ki cheez nahi, golgappa ek emotion hai!” - this is what one of my friends said when we were having a plate of golgappa the other day. And I couldn’t agree more. If we tell you to note down all the things you love about pani puri, we know you’ll run out of words. I mean, are words even enough to describe the endless love our hearts treasure for pani puri? 

The crunchy puri filled with the flavoursome aloo masala and the spicy pani is enough to lift anyone’s moods. Each of these elements works together to make golgappa the soul food that it is. Although we Indians and the golgappa are an inseparable pair, the food divides us fairly too. While some of us like our golgappas with dahi, others prefer their golgappas extra spicy.

If you ask me, then I am someone who loves my golgappa extra spicy. The after-taste and the zing of chillies are something that I truly enjoy. And I think there are many of you on my team. But we certainly go clueless when someone asks us “how much spice is too much spice?” This Gwalior street food vendor seems to have the answer to this question. Take a look:

In the video, the vendor is seen making the pani for pani puri with a lot of spices in it. The video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @eatthisagra has garnered about 14 million views, 513k likes and thousands of comments from netizens around India. 

While the spice level doesn’t seem to be a matter of concern for most people, the hygiene rules ignored by the vendor have created a storm in the comments section.

One user said, “Ye dekhne k baad kabhi Pani puri nhi khunga 🥲”, while another sarcastically commented that this is the “world’s most hygienic gollgappa 🙂✨”.

According to the food blogger, this vendor sells these golgappas near Gole Ka Mandir, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. 

Will you try these spicy golgappas? Let us know.